Opkey New Release 6.08

Opkey is excited to provide you with new information and updates on our product.  

Introducing Marketplace, a virtual store where customers can find and purchase applications. We also bring to you an integration with Azure DevOps Services, giving you another way to efficiently manage your project artifacts. 


1. Opkey’s Marketplace  


  • Opkey introduces Marketplace, offering a wide range of digital products and solution add-ons. You can access products and services through Cloud-based applications available on your devices 



2. Azure Integration with Opkey 


  • Opkey is now integrated with Azure DevOps services, allowing you to efficiently manage project artifacts, log bugs, map bugs to test cases, and update bug statuses within the Azure DevOps environment. 

3. Browser Cloud 


  • You can now execute your test cases using Opkey’s Browser Lab, which offers range of browsers and version combinations on both Windows and Mac. This helps ensure that your build meets browser compatibility criteria. 

4. Module-Wise Test Case Execution Report 


  • You can now generate module-wise test case execution reports by adding submodule-specific tags to your test cases. This will show the results of passed and failed test cases within that submodule 

5. Discovery Load Balancer 

  • Opkey has now implemented a Load Balancer to efficiently support its Test Discovery processes. The load will be distributed evenly during execution, allowing your processes to run smoothly. 





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