Opkey Release 6.06.02

Major Enhancements and Issue Resolution in Opkey 6.06.02 Release: 

1. The MySQL version of Keycloak has been upgraded from 8.0.28 to 8.0.35 

  • The MySQL version in Keycloak has been upgraded due to incompatibility with the previous version. 

  • Following Keycloak's upgrade, users can now successfully sign up, create a new domain, and proceed with testing. 

2Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana 

  • Logs recorded in Kibana following an activity carried out in Opkey were impacted due to an issue with the tool. This has now been fixed. 

3. Auto DB creation (Mongo DB) 

  • Automatic database creation for the Test Discovery portal has been implemented, replacing manual processes. This feature now generates a backend database for new users automatically. 

4Opkey Digital Instrumentation – Implementation of both approaches in the instrumentor server 

  • In case the instrumentor server encounters an issue while attempting to instrument an app, we must capture the error and proceed with instrumenting the app using the -r approach. 


Major Bug Fixes 

Remove keyword name from Validation and custom keyword report type only 

Screenshot and test procedure to start from next page 

Need incomplete filter and hide skipped over option 

While fetching the validation report that includes multiple sessions, not all cases are included in the report. 

Test procedure formatting 

Release meta data issue solved 

Folder structure gets hidden when imported from classic Opkey (Classic Opkey to Opkeyone) 

Exception while opening an imported test suite from classic Opkey (Classic Opkey to Opkeyone) 

Error on importing surge test case from Opkey classic to Opkeyone and then copy paste to another folder 

Not able to import artifact containing ldr from classic Opkey to Opkeyone (2 Artifacts) 


Show old-stlye keyword names in result until Result. Db is available (Session is closed) 

Removing SearchIndexingService (older utility as new one is WebAPI Based) 

Added error codes in User not selected yet 

Null Pointer Exception when opening results that are still in Closing State 

Added Synclock in DownloadAndExtractSqlites to make the second thread wait until the first completes 

Write to original writer as well 

Added Console Redirector in Sachins DebugLogs class 

Folder icons image issue. 

Folder View || If user create folder and create artifacts inside folder then artifacts are not displayed 


Known Issues 

Known Issues 

Import Export Issue 

If the user tries to connect the Opkey browser extension with credentials, then error is displayed 

API || If the user sends a request to API methods Rest then layer exception in response 

DownloadCenterEnvType(checking the env for agent, plugin, hub) 

Fixed Object Repository API for storing OR in Structured Hierarchy 

Adding Refresh call after delete to make changes to all shared after deletion 

Name field in Kibana logs of delete artifact is not coming 

Login user logs not coming in Kibana 

Getting exception of InfluxDB when user connect Agent 




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