Mining your ERP instance via Test Discovery - New UI

Test Discovery mines your ERP application’s configuration logs and existing test cases to outline its configurations, data, activities, and shows areas lacking test coverage in a Snapshot report. It also suggests test cases to address these gaps.

This information assists in making informed business decisions, such as:

  • Identifying missed testing scenarios.

  • Prioritizing test cases that need attention to maximize test coverage.

As a first step to mine your ERP instance we create a snapshot report in test discovery:

1. To add a snapshot, log in to your Opkey account, hover over the ‘Discovery’ tab on the left panel, and click on the Snapshot option.

2. Click on + Snapshot button and add a new instance.

3.  A new page opens on the right, here, add details such as name of Snapshot report and choose your ERP for test mining from the given option. We are adding Oracle Payables as snapshot name. 

Once done, click the Add instance icon adjacent to the Select Environment field. 

4. Next, you can add credentials of your ERP environment and create its instance on Opkey. Test discovery will use this instance to connect with your ERP environment and mine your testing process. 
Here, add the name and URL of your ERP instance in the respective fields. Next, fill in your user credentials for your ERP and the + Add button.

5. Now, select your ERP instance from the Select Environment dropdown. We have selected Opkey Dev as our instance for test mining.

6.  Next, select either Discovery Snapshot/Metadata Snapshot. We are selecting both options.

Discovery Snapshot - This option mines testing scenarios/processes from the application.

Metadata Snapshot - This option mines test objects associated with the processes. 

7. Select processes to be mined in the Process field. We are selecting the Payables process of Oracle.  

8. Select the Start and End Date with Timezone for mining. 

9. Select the processes to mine objects for metadata snapshot. We have selected Benefits, Inventory, Payroll, and ReceiptClick Analyze to continue.

Note: If your ERP application is set up On-Premise, download the Client Utility on a machine from where the ERP application is accessible. Next, click the checkbox shown in the image to enable the utility to fetch data for analysis.

10. The test mining process begins.

. 11. Once done, click on the Open Snapshot link.

12. Our Snapshot report is created. We can see the tabs related to mined activities, configurations, and Oracle DFF fields on the right panel. To understand in detail about various elements of this Snapshot report click here. 

13. We can switch to Metadata snapshot from the dropdown at the top to view details of mined objects associated with the processes we had selected in step 9. 

To learn more about the process of analyzing details of mined processes and automating suggested and mined test cases click here

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