Creating a Global Data Repository file for a test case


Test data is a set of data that are used in the software testing. Test data comprises all sorts of data input required to test system’s functionalities. It may include positive data for expected functioning, negative or invalid data for error and exception handling mechanism. Maintaining test data is very important for successful software testing. Obsolete or wrong test data might result in unreliable test results. Testers can verify the expected results and the software behavior in case of invalid input data based on the test data used.

Need of Test Data?

Test Data may plays an important role in a test automation. There may be different test scenarios which need to be iterated for successful testing of the application. In such cases, Opkey provides a user friendly data storage and management feature known as Global Data Repository & Local Data Repository.

Opkey allows you to create, export, customize and do more with your data repositories as per your test scenario. 

Global Data Repository (GDR)

GDR datasets facilitate iterating the entire test case with multiple datasets and offer flexibility for users to manage data. Access to GDR is available to all users with project access. 


Follow the steps to link GDR in a test case. 


Select and click Continuous Test Automation from the launchpad. 




On your created test case, follow the below steps for linking GDR.




Click on the Project Workspace folder and Create a new GDR. 




A new GDR page will open which is similar to an Excel sheet. 


Rename the Columns and enter the data.  



Save the Data.


To encrypt columns in datasets and restrict access to them with a password, right-click on the column and select Encrypt Column.

Provide an Encryption password on the pop-up window.

Click OK.

To set the password for a project, click on the Profile icon and select Settings.

Click Project Management on the new window.

Select the project from the options.

Search for the project in the search bar for which the password has to be set.

Click on the Update icon for the selected project.

Enter the encryption password to be set for the project. 


Now, if you want to change any data in the Global Datasheet, double click on the column to decrypt. Enter the password and click OK.

This will now allow you to make modifications to the existing data.

Go to the respective test case and on the test step where you want to add the GDR sheet, click the Edit Input Data arrow key. 




Expand the Global Data Repository folder and map the column name with the individual values. 




Save the test case. Click on the Run button and execute. 




The test case will now get executed with the saved data. 

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