Opkey modules overview


Opkey contains the following modules for different test automation needs. Each module deals with a specific test scenario. 




Test Case 


A test case is a collection of test steps that contain actions to be performed on objects of the application at test.

Test cases in Opkey can be created using the recording feature or manually by adding test steps with the help of the Opkey library of Keywords(a keyword is used to act on the specific object on an application).



The recording feature, facilitates swift creation of comprehensive test cases by capturing actions performed on a the application/ERP. 






Function Library comprises of reusable components that can be used across different Test Cases, reducing efforts on repetitive user actions/workflows on the test application. 




Object Repository 


The Object Repository stores objects collected during the recording of a web application, identified by their expected values and properties, even in dynamically changing environments. 



The Object Repository(OR) allows object addition via "Add to OR" and "Highlight OR," supporting key operations such as Add, Edit, Copy, Refresh, Delete, and Search. 



User-defined objects in the Object Repository can be modularly structured. Prior to the execution, ensure that the Object Repository includes all necessary objects for your test scenario. 


Test Suite 


In Opkey, a Suite is a collection of Test Cases, allowing you to add, remove, and arrange them in order for execution. The Suite module also offers a 'Run on Cloud' feature for remote execution in a cloud environment. 



Prior to adding test cases to a Suite, ensure that each Test Case within the Suite is self-contained and independent of others. 



Global Data Repository 


The Global Data Repository (GDR) is a user-friendly data storage and management tool used for parameterizing test scenarios. It allows you to execute the same test case with different inputs, broadening test coverage from a single value to multiple values.    




GDR datasets facilitate iterating the entire test case with multiple datasets and offer flexibility for users to manage data. Access to GDR is available to all users with project access. 




Local Data Repository 


A Local Data Repository (LDR) lets you parameterize a test case enabling you to execute the same test case with varying inputs, expanding the coverage from a single test value to multiple test values. LDR is like a spreadsheet that stores all the Static value(s) provided initially in the Test Step(s). 




Choose between creating a Local Data Repository file or importing data from an Excel sheet (.xlsx files only).  





Gherkin feature is a practice in Agile software development known as Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). Behavior-driven development focuses on understanding desired application behavior through discussions with stakeholders using a clear and common language. 


Gherkin simplifies artifact behavior descriptions in a notation easily accessible to SMEs, testers, and developers, fostering improved communication. 



Through the Gherkin feature, business analysts can describe client requirements or scenarios using the 'Given,' 'When,' and 'Then' format, typically aligning with user stories. 




Service Repository 

A service repository is a collection of web services that enable communication between electronic devices over the internet. Web services facilitate data exchange between businesses and clients without the need for detailed knowledge of each other's IT systems behind the firewall. 





Web services, such as SOAP and REST, share business logic, data, and processes programmatically across a network. Opkey supports both SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (Representational State Transfer). 




Coded Function Library 


The Coded Function Library in Opkey Web is an advanced feature. Its editor allows you to write custom function code for tasks in test automation using Java. After writing the code, you can easily compile and debug it. 




Execute your Coded Function Library directly or link it to Test Cases. It's a comprehensive solution for creating and executing custom keywords in Opkey using Java code. 





Model-Based Testing (MBT) is a graphical framework representing all possible test scenarios, enabling users like Business Analysts to create a model-based test design. 




The model represents the system's testing perspective, including scenarios, constraints, and dependencies. MBT, as a graphical view of Test Designs, is easy to understand, use, and maintain. 



Designing a model-based test aims to represent complex test scenarios graphically for easy comprehension by test users. 



The Sparkin feature blends core Gherkin concepts with a user-friendly interface for quicker creation of requirements/scenarios compared to the Gherkin editor. 



Sparkin enables the quick creation of requirements/scenarios by adding prebuilt clauses (Given, When, and then). It also allows the creation of corresponding Function libraries and execution for result analysis. 


This gives an overview of Opkey modules.


Simplify your testing journey with Opkey. Learn about more Opkey features Here 





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