Creating a test case through flowchart view in Opkey

A Test Case includes steps or Function Libraries with Keywords that can take inputs and produce outputs usable in subsequent steps. 


For instance, you can create a Test Case to assess the functionality and user interface of an e-commerce web application, with steps including login, product search, purchase, payment, and logout.  


Let’s begin to see how a test case can be created by using a flowchart view. 

Login to Opkey and create a test case on the Project Workspace. 

The by-default view of a test case is the Grid view. 


Switch on the Toggle button to change it to Flowchart view.  


Now you can create test steps just by dragging the corresponding keywords and arranging them in Flowchart form. 

Click on the Add Step button to view and select the test steps to be added to the test case. 


Hover over the desired keyword and click on the ‘+’ button to add it. 


The Drag and Drop option also lets you add keywords to the flow. The complete flow looks as shown in the image below. 


Click Save, once all the steps have been added. 

Clicking right on the flowchart provides you with the option of  

Adding If-End-If for selected steps 

Add Else after selected steps 

Add If-Else-End for selected steps 

Add For-Next for selected steps 


To add Object data to the keywords, click Test Object from the right panel and map the respective object. 


Click on the Static Data tab to enter the static data for a specific keyword. 


To enter the Output Data for the selected keyword, click on the Output Data tab from the left panel. 


Save all the details entered for the keywords with the Save button. 

Click on the Run button to execute the test case. 


The execution process remains the same for Grid View as well as Flow Chart View. 

Refer to the Link to learn about creating a test case through recording and its execution.  

Learn more about Opkey features by clicking Here


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