Working with Test Cases

A Test Case includes steps or Function Libraries with Keywords that can take inputs and produce outputs usable in subsequent steps.


The test case module includes an integrated recording feature for capturing web application actions, making test case creation fast and easy. 

For instance, you can create a Test Case to assess the functionality and user interface of an e-commerce web application, with steps including login, product search, purchase, payment, and logout. 


To create a new test case in Opkey Web, follow these steps:

Start by logging in to your Opkey Web account.

Once you're logged in, navigate to the "Project Workspace" folder. Right-click on the Project Workspace folder and select the Test Case option to create a new test case.




Rename the test node and begin recording the test steps by clicking the Recorder button. Select Web Recorder from the available options.  



On the pop-up window, select the Object Repository, select Browser, and start Recording. 


A recorder window will open along with the browser window. Add the desired URL to begin performing steps. 




Perform steps on the browser. 


Once done, click on the Save and Close button. Your recorded steps will be saved in the test case. 




Save the Test steps with the Save button. Click the Run button to execute the test case. 



Enter details of Session Name, Build Name, Execution Agent, and Plugin on the pop-up window of Local Execution Wizard. Click on Finish. 



 The test steps get executed and its result can be seen in the Execution Result section. 



Now you have successfully created and executed a test case. 

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