Opkey Release – 5.44

New Features


Now, Opkey users can schedule their Suite at particular date & time in future. There is a button named as Schedule this Suite in the Suite and you can click on this button to schedule the particular Suite for test execution. You can schedule single & multiple Suites from the Scheduler option available under Tools Menu. Further, the scheduled sessions can be viewed in Scheduled Session window. Make sure that Opkey Hub is online & Enable for Grid/Scheduled Execution checkbox is marked in Opkey Agent at the scheduled date/time of test execution.

Collection Variable (Beta)

Now, there is are two new variable type added in Opkey – Collection & KeyValuePair. Collection Variable allows you to add multiple values of String, Integer, Double, DateTime & KeyValuePair type and use them accordingly. You can add your own private collection variable and use them across your tests. There are few collection & KeyValuePair variable specific keywords added in this Opkey release.

Highlight Object option in Execution Wizard

Opkey users can now set an option “Highlight Object” under Advanced Execution Wizard which highlights objects before performing action on it during test execution. This feature is now available only with Opkey Web plugin only. Thus, you can easily identify the object on which action is being performed during test execution using Opkey Web.

Support for Java Applications

A new Java Recorder has been implemented with Opkey which is integrated with Desktop Recorder. It is able to record actions performed on Java based applications & play them back using Java plugin. New icon of Java Recorder will be added in recorder list in further releases. Div properties of objects will also get recorded by the new Opkey Recorder.

Execution Status tab in executable artifacts

There is a new tab added in the bottom factory of the executable artifacts (Test Case, Function Library, Coded Function Library, Suite, Gherkin & Model). It contains information about the last 10 executed sessions. When you click on the particular session, it will redirect you to the respective execution session in a new tab and highlight the corresponding test step.

Audit Trails in Service Repository

There is now an AuditTrails tab added under the dockable panel of Service Repository in Opkey. It contains all editing related information in a tabular form. You can export AuditTrails to Excel file.

Selenium Upgrade to version 3.14

Now, Opkey Plugins support Selenium Version 3.14. Stability and performance of the Selenium plugin has also been improved in this Opkey release.

Maker Checker in Opkey Web & Accelerator

Maker Checker is a new concept which has now been implemented in Opkey Web & Accelerator. Now there is a Status button added to the artifacts which has two default status as Draft & Published. However, you can add desired status fields from the Admin console. As name suggest, Draft status shows un-reviewed artifact status whereas Published status shows reviewed status of artifact. Moreover, rules will be defined in further releases.

Multiplugin Support with Spock Agent

Opkey Spock Agent now supports multiple Opkey plugins. Earlier to this, it was supporting Opkey Web plugin only. The list of Spock Agent supported plugins for Windows & Mac systems are given below:

Spock Agent supported plugins for Windows machine

Spock Agent supported plugins for Mac machine

Opkey Desktop

Oracle Fusion

Oracle Fusion



Opkey Web

Opkey Web








IE Plugin


Coded Function Library feature enhancement

Intellisense description is now available in Coded Function Library at user interface level. It includes input parameters data type and return data type. Functionality of Intellisense in Coded FL has also been improved significantly.

MBT Feature Enhancement

Now, logs of the last published Model are displayed in the Published Logs tab in the bottom factory of Model. It includes important information about the test execution of your model. You can now collapse desired published model to view the other model in larger view on published model comparison window.

New Mobile Keywords

There are four new mobile keywords delivered in this Opkey release.

    1. Mobile_GetAllAppearedToastMessages

    2. Mobile_GetRecentToastMessage

    3. Mobile_VerifyRecentToastMessage

    4. Mobile_VerifyToastAppeared

Breaking Changes

Opkey Execution Agent: Due to architectural changes done at agent level, it is mandatory to download and install latest Opkey Execution Agent. Please note that executions will not start on previous version of agent.

Opkey Web Plugin Settings: There are few check-boxes implemented for Opkey Web Plugin in Plugin Settings option under Tools menu in Opkey Execution Agent. These check-boxes are as per the used web development technologies (JQuery, Angular etc.) in web app to be tested. These check-boxes enables you to set wait time (in seconds) until the web page containing particular web technology, get loaded.

Major Bug Fixes


Paste button available on right click context menu of tags is displayed in disabled state.


Admin Console | No data shown when user click on Project workspace Audit Trails in Admin panel under project management.


Admin | Last option(only 8 option displaying) not displaying on Admin Panel.


Admin | Not able to restrict a user from Login. getting notification “Max limit reached”


Admin || Help : User is not able to navigate element to right web page


After Creating of any FL or TC < Name of OR is update by “NEW NODES ” >


Agent Crash| When executing long run agent getting crash.


Agent | Exception “agent deleted from database” occur when user switch from desktop to SAAS.


Agent || Getting exception “System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException” whenever user execute run on Agent.


An error “Invalid Data Type Is Not Date Time ” notification occurs, when user tries select date time.


An error message “Gateway Time Out” occurs, when trying to fetch data of “Currently executing test” on “Execution Result”.


An exception “A potentially dangerous Request.Form value” occurs, when user provide name of variable inside angular braces.


An exception “com.ssts.opkey.util.OpkeyRestException:” occurs, when user agent was disconnected while execution .


Artifact Sync || Getting exception “Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReaderException” whenever user sync artifact in which no sync settings(Source) saved.


Artifact | Unnecessary notifications appears when user delete the artifact.


Artifact | Unnecessary notifications appears when user delete any artifact.


Artifacts | Complete loader is not getting visible when user swutch in between the Tab below bottom factory.


Artifacts | Issue while adding keywords under TC/FL.


Artifacts | UI gets distorted under bottom factory when user switch to LDR.


Artifacts/More settings  | Behavior of check box under More setting option is not working properly.


Audit Trail regarding assigning/removing label on an artifact is not getting displayed on “Audit Trail” tab available in bottom factory on BC/BP/TC/Job.


Audit Trails entry is displayed blank for “Field”, “Old Value” and “New Value” fields for move up/down functionalities of tag on business component/business process/test case/job.


Browser Stack Dashboard | Issue whenever user provide invalid credentials under browser stack dashboard.


BrowserStack Execution Wizard| Alignment of buttons and UI getting overlap under show advanced setting of Browserstack execution wizard.


Change name of items on Login page animation image on Opkey Web.


Changed Profile-Name is not being reflected under ‘uploaded by’ column in Keyword management wizard.


Chrome AddOn | Oracle Fusion Recording Mode || Recording on existing tab is not working. It should be allowed.


Chrome AddOn | Redirect to Opkey Web || If one instance of Non-Incognito window is open, Opkey Web should be redirected to that instance only. Currently it is opening another non-incognito instance to open Opkey WEB.


Chrome AddOn || Live Flow Chart || Same data display in previously opened Live Flow Chart like currently opened Flow Chart when user record steps through Chrome AddOn.


CompareImagesByNodeJS || Random Issue || Captured Snapshot getting blurred.


Control on the basis of written HTML tag is getting displayed on “Step Details” portion of selected step if selected step’s description contains HTML tags in it.


Copy-pasted tag’s entry is getting displayed on “Audit Trails” twice when user copy-pastes an existing tag on same or different artifact.


Current date-time displayed on date-picker is not completely visible on date-time selection field on export popup.


Custom Keyword || Focus move to the last step when user delete any step from Input Arguments.


Custom Keyword || For some specific jars || Codding is appearing on wabpage whenever user try to Export jar under manage library.


Custom Keyword || Scroll Bar issue || Added Step getting hide whenever user Add steps into the Input Argument.


Dashboard / IE | Dashboard is not getting loaded when user login to SAAS.


Dashboard | Dial-er Icons gets distorted when user refresh the URL.


Dashboard | Exception “Unable to cast object of type ‘CresTech.Opkey.Core.Component’ to type ” occurs when user open artifact from recently used artifacts tab.


Dashboard | Exception “You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘AND (DATE(SessionStart) ” occur when user click on click option under execution results.


Dashboard | Loader appears continuosely when user delete Default Opkey location folder.


Dashboard | Unnecessary icon are getting visible under project workspace tree.


Deletion is not working in Queued session window after selecting checkboxes


Desktop Recorder || Additional Console Window Open with the application on start the recording


Desktop Recorder || Appium Appliaction: After closing the window of ‘New Session Window’ no web action getting recorded


Desktop Recorder || Bunq Desktop Appliaction : while opening the application through recorder “Something went wrong” message display in the application manually its working fine


Desktop Recorder || Mongo Db Application : During recording the toggle button of SRV Record does not recorded with its object name it shown blank


Desktop Recorder || on checking the checkbox of enable remote debugging mode  no application getting open for reording


Desktop Recorder|| Abricotine Application: Application getting crash


Duplicate entry exception is coming on GV


Edge Specific|Attachment| When user upload any attachment file then progress bar is not appearing.


Edge Specific|Mobile Management|Application Management| When user upload any application in mobile management then progress bar is not displaying.


Encryption/Decryption || AES value get displayed in value field of a SecuredStringType GV whenever user decrypt it and then Check or Uncheck  Externally Updatable Check box.


Encryption/Decryption || Data comes in Decrypted form under Session Logs and Agent Logs.


Encryption/Decryption || Provided value not Decrypted in Function Call under Execution Result whenever user Decrypt Result.


Encryption/Decryption || User get Exception whenever click on Move Row Up/Down button in GDR.


Error message should be provided, when user tries to execute “suite>>TC>>Steps ” after selecting any tag (key,value).


Error notification is coming for Used By in GV


Exception comes in Checkduplicacyinkeyvaluepair keyword if value provided from GV and GV has blank row


Exception is coming in GlobalVariable


Exception is coming on deleting values in angular bracket


Exception is coming while executing CheckDuplicacyInKeyValuePair through GV


Exception message “ID: 4bb3fd8c-c270-421b-ada0-f4c63bb45852 Component Type: Folder” is displayed on screen when user clicks on “Create Folder” button on project workspace tree.


Executed Status || Executed session not opening whenever user1 execute script but user2 tried to open executed session.


Executed Status || Only single entry is displaying in bottom factory of Artifact(s) execution status, whenever any artifact executed more than one time in a single session.


Executed Status || Warning notifier should be display in Yellow color, whenever artifact is in unsaved state and user try to click on executed session.


Executed_Status || Getting exception “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” whenever user2 try to find out meta info.


Execution Startup Time Optimization | Exception thrown “ApiException: Could not detect response from signalR agent within 30 secs.” while fetching/uploading logs/result on Execution Result.


Execution Startup Time Optimization | Getting error “504- Gateway Timeout” on SaaS but session accepted on Opkey Agent.


Execution Startup Time Optimization | Opkey Agent connection getting break very frequently & sometimes Agent is Online but unable to communicate on SAAS .


Execution Startup Time Optimization || 45 secs. time is taking to start execution after clicking on Finish button in Run now wizard .


Execution Startup Time Optimization || Plugin not loading or Unable to communicate with Agent whenever click on Finish Button in Run now wizard.


Execution Startup Time Optimization || Sometimes Opkey Agent getting disconnecting for few secs whenever user stop executing session .


Execution Startup Time Optimization || Sometimes triggered session not executed whenever user trigger script first time on Agent.


Execution Startup Time Optmization || Getting exception “System.NotImplementedException” whenever user switch Desktop to Web mode while ongoing session executing.


Execution Status || Execution Status Tab issue’s


Execution Status || focus changes to parent node(from where session executed), whenever user manually expand its child node in execution result.


Execution Status || Snapshot not coming in Export and smtp report.


Execution Wizard| Encrypt/Decrypt icon is not displaying in show advance setting under execution wizard.


Execution Wizard| Unnecessary scroll bar is displaying in execution wizard under show advance setting.


Export Report| Encryption check box is displaying when user click on export report button.


External Tool Integration Jira| Unable to log bug in jira.


FL/TC| User is not able to move selected step move up or move down.


Folder || Getting exception “5d5f8a23-452a-43e3-a3cb-62a304108068 Component Type: Folder” whenever user Add/Delete Folder through Project workspace.


GDR | Save button is not getting enable when user copy and paste any row under GDR.

Known Issues

Issue ID
SR || Unable to add method for Rest Service whenever user provide valid URI through SecuredString.
SR || Entered User Name and Password in Authentication Credentials under SR comes in Base 64 format in Function Call.
MBT|LOV|Input Parameter| If user delete 2nd page values then selected values of 1st page getting unselected.
FL/BC|Input Parameter|LOV| New value which is moved to next page should be unselected and select all check box should get unseleted.
Spock agent issue | If in between execution connection is lost then session is not continue and message appears on screen “Channel and connection has broken”
Spock Agent Issue | User not getting Snapshots when user execute Desktop flow through Desktop plugin
Spock agent bucket issue | There should be a separate bucket(S3) for Spock agent
Spock Agent issue | OracleEBS keywords Flow is not executing through Spock agent “OracleEBS plugin”
Spock Agent Issue | Tunnel connection automatically broken when user execute flow which is more than 1 hour on our network
Spock Agent issue | Native player still running in Task manager when user execute flow of Opkey Desktop keywords through Desktop plugin
MBT (Auto-Arrange) || Model after auto-arranging model is not usable as edge labels and edges are overlapping added vertices.
CFL|| Icons are missing for ‘Static method’, static and non-static fields.
CFL || Description of Input parameter created inside CodedFL is not visible in FL and TC.
CFL || All Imports related to WebDriver are not visible after creating CFL. Refresh has no effect.
CodedFL || When importing a package from associated jar then colon at end of the statement is not getting added.
Exception get occurred when user execute a TC in which SR used and user provide Encrypted value through GDR.
CFL || If system having proxy then intellisense does not works.
SalesForce_Classic || SF_SelectDataFromPickList is giving unhand-led exception.
SalesForce_Classic || Keyword “SF_Click” is getting failed with message “Object not found”.
MBT (Auto-Arrange) || Model after auto-arranging model is not usable as edge labels and edges are overlapping added vertices.
Grid Execution|Scheduler| Once agent is allotted and that plugin is not available on the agent then it should search another agent while notifying the message in the logs.
MBT /Overlapping | Overlapping issue when user create edge from one node to another node under MBT.
Accelerator|Scheduler| Status of scheduled job is not getting change whether any execution is Pass, Fail, Not Executed, InCompleted.
Accelerator|TC| Implementation of Queuing in TC at accelerator end.
Method detail,Method tag and Service tag is not getting synced or Exported and Imported
FL is getting opened from session result which was executed on tag basis, while left panel is having files and folders of execution result.
Last executed build name is not getting saved in “Execution wizard” of Tag Execution.
Loader UI is continuously getting displayed when user clicks “Cancel” button on “Auto-Start” browser popup on model while auto starting MBT utility.
Correct path/test case is getting displayed under “Impacted” category for “Model Test Coverage” and “Model Automation Implementation” on impact analysis window.
MBT | User is not able to work on MBT
MBT | Edge should be properly visible when user drag node in between Node and edge with less distance coverage.
MBT_DragDrop | Behavior of drag and drop is not proper when user drag any node in between edge and node.
MBT | Edge Overlapping issue when user link edges from one node to another node.
MBT | Edge overlapping issue when user link node through edges.
MBT | Drag drop issue under MBT whenever user drag node.
Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
Recorder Auto Start || JNLP is getting downloaded even when the Opkey Smart Recorder is installed in the system (Scenario Specific).
Recorder Auto Start | Firefox| Edge Browser || JNLP is not getting downloaded if Opkey Smart Recorder is not installed on the system.
Coded_Fl issue | method name should be end with Round breakest like sumDouble() in coded_FL
Connected links available on flowchart is wrongly aligned when user collapse/expand nested IF/For blocks.
Folder-Replica| Getting an Exception System.TimeoutException: Timeout performing EVAL when user queue replica with 11 users.
Folder-Replica|Queued Replica| Getting exception resTech.Opkey.Exceptions.DatabaseException: Fatal error encountered during data read.
GDR | Audit trails are not showing correctly when deleting a row
GDR | Column name is showing incorrect when adding a column after deleting 25 columns
Gherkin | Browser hangs when press enter after giving space in statements
Input Parameter|| Once FL is called in TC,If we change data type as file type to string, and if we refresh TC, in data input argument, attached file continue to be shown.
Intellisense Coded_FL Issue | user getting object intelisense outside of the Scope
Unable to sync “861” Business Component from accelerator.stg to qa1.stg while only two user’s were performing sync operation.
Intellisense || In Coded_FL, Methods of a class are not visible with their arguments.
Folder-Replica|Queued Replica| Getting exception resTech.Opkey.Exceptions.DatabaseException: Fatal error encountered during data read.
Folder-Replica| Getting an Exception System.TimeoutException: Timeout performing EVAL when user queue replica with 11 users.
Negative Scenario|Folder-Replica| An Exception when user delete on going replica folder then CresTech.Opkey.Exceptions.ForeignKeyFailedException: Upsert failed as some referenced entity doesnt exist.
Connected links available on flowchart is wrongly aligned when user collapse/expand nested IF/For blocks.
Accelerator(Live Result)|| Status of keywords are not getting updated on Live Result if user switch between added TCs on live result during execution
Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
MBT|Replica| Getting Exception when user create replica of MBT i.e. System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented.
Random behaviour on Mac || Sometime execution triggers after multiple attempts
Oracle 2.0 Playback || Oracle_SyncForm keyword needs implementation.
Sync Issue | Global Variable not reflected when user use all global variable inside Dynamic Object and try to sync
QC | Wrong Status displaying of Report which was created through Opkey on ALM. Also, zero count displaying on report.
Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
Chrome Extension || User should be able to add Chrome AddOn when Opkey Web is open in incognito window from Start Recording Button and Download Center.
Chrome AddOn || User should be able to launch ChromeAddOn from Start Recording and Download Center when Opkey Web is open in Incognito Window.
Chrome AddOn | Live View || Any modification done on the recording grid should also be reflected on Live Recording View.
Chrome Extension | Opkey Smart Recorder Windiw || ObjectImage property with object’s image is not coming.
Chrome Extension | Opkey Smart Recorder Window || There should be a toggle switch to record Desktop as well as Web applications.
Chrome Extension || Chrome AddOn should start in AddToOR when Opkey Web is open in Chrome.

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