Automate PDF Testing with Opkey’s CustomPDF_Reader

Elevating Testing Strategies with PDF Readers 

Do you wish to verify PDF contents and match them with the actual content while automating your scripts?

Opkey’s Custom PDF Reader keyword does all this for you. It is an option that could refer to a feature or a step within a test case where the testing involves interacting with or validating the behavior of a PDF reader application. 

You will have to provide the path of the PDF and then add the Custom PDF_Reader keyword to retrieve the PDF file text as output. This will help the user to crosscheck and verify the content present in the PDF. This eliminates the probability of errors being present in the PDF. 

Need for the PDF Reader

Let's discuss a scenario where you are testing an e-learning platform that provides users with downloadable PDF certificates achieved after course completion. In this case, the need for a PDF reader feature in test cases becomes evident for various reasons :

  • To test how your app interacts with PDFs - opening, displaying, editing, and saving.
  • To Ensure accuracy in generated PDF reports; validate text, images, and other elements.
  • To Test secure handling of PDF uploads and downloads.
  • To Verify compatibility with screen readers for accessible content.
  • To Ensure consistent PDF rendering across different environments.
  • To Test features like password protection and editing restrictions.
  • To Validate seamless integration for proper functionality.

How to use PDF Reader in a test case

Let us have a look at how we can add a PDF Reader to our script.

1. Create a script for the portal and add steps.

2. Once you added the step to click on the download button. Just after that add a new test step to add a keyword Chrome_GetDownloadFilePath in order to retrieve the file path where the downloaded file is saved.

3. Now in the next step add Custom PDF Reader where you have to provide the path of the downloaded PDF whose content you want to verify.

4. Save and execute the test case.


5. The Custom_PDF Reader keyword will provide you with the content of the PDF as output.

Now you have successfully learned how to use PDF Reader feature in your test cases!

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