Upload your Manual Test Cases with the Excel Migrator

Every organization has a repository of manual test cases that are indispensable for their testing process. For example, for every UI-related release, testers manually assess the UI features from an end user's perspective.  


To make their job easier, Opkey's QLM offers the capability to import your manual test cases as well from Excel sheets and centrally manage them. This functionality eliminates the need for extensive spreadsheets for manual test case management, enhancing productivity and collaboration within the organization. 


Let us have a look at how you can achieve that. 


On the Opkey Tool, click on the Profile icon and select Integration


Click on the Excel Migrator tab. 


Click on the tab and select, Click to Upload the excel sheet that has the manual test cases.


Once the file gets uploaded, you can select the module type from the drop-down that you want to create with the uploaded data. For example here in the image below, we have uploaded test case data hence module type is selected as 'Test Case'

Other available options in the module drop-down are:

Reusable Component


User Story 

If you wish to designate the first row of the sheet as the header, it will be mapped accordingly by selecting the available option of "Use the first row of the Excel sheet as the header" as shown in the image below. Click on Next


Match the Opkey fields with the corresponding Excel fields. For instance, in Opkey, the initial field pertains to the test case name. In the Excel field, we select the test case name from the provided options to link it with the manual test case name.

After successfully mapping all fields, click to import the file. 


Upon successful completion of the import process, click "Finish". 


Navigate to the QLM tab and select Test from the available option.



This is the manual test case which we have uploaded from the Excel sheet. 

You now learned how to upload your manual test cases present on Excel sheet.

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