Wilfred - Opkey's AI powered test assistant

AI-driven testing plays a pivotal role in software development. It speeds up testing by automating various testing aspects, such as test case generation and execution. This speed-up fits in well with Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD), making software development and deployment faster.

Opkey's AI-powered test assistant 'Wilfred' is an intelligent chatbot that automates testing tasks using generative AI and process mining. It reduces manual effort in creating test scripts to improve testing accuracy and efficiency. 

Let’s quickly understand how Wilfred works.

Go to the dashboard, and click the Wilfred chatbot option in the right corner. 

A chatbot window opens up where you can select a pre-built prompt suggested by the chatbot or enter a new prompt to create automated test scenarios.

Let's look at a few examples to understand the use cases of Wilfred.

Scenario 1: 

Prompt: Create all scenarios for payables in Oracle fusion

Enter the prompt and click the send icon.
Click the Yes icon to proceed with the suggested activities or the No icon to enter another prompt. It will proceed accordingly.

Once you click on the Yes icon, it will show that the test case has been created. Click the Accept or Accept and Generate button to generate the test case page. 

The link can be seen in the test case on the chatbot. Click to generate.


Click the three dots and select Set Input Data option to enter the input data in its steps as shown below.

In the Edit data of step window, we can enter the input and output data or map a datasheet to the steps just like we did for test cases or reusable components. Likewise, you can enter data in all the reusable components. 

Save the test case and click Run to execute the test case. This generated flow can also be used by changing the data for different scenarios.

Note: If you click on Accept and Generate Data for each suggested test case, it will create test cases with dummy data. If you don't want to create suggested test cases, you can click the Reject button 

The test cases are generated. You can click the Open button in the Wilfred window to open any test case.

You can edit the input data and save it. Once done, you can click the Run button to execute the test case.

You've reached the end of this article and are now well-prepared to use Wilfred as your assistant. 

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