Sharing test execution results via email - SMTP settings

SMTP Settings in Opkey is an additional feature that allows you to send your execution results via email to someone by configuring SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings. 

Opkey's SMTP feature enables easy sharing of test execution results with stakeholders, ensuring timely communication of outcomes to team members, managers, or clients. 

For example, consider a software development team working on an e-commerce website. After a round of regression testing, they can utilize Opkey's SMTP settings to automatically send detailed test reports, performance metrics, and error logs, to their QA manager and project stakeholders.

SMTP Settings in Opkey streamlines communication and enhances collaboration in the testing and development process.

Let's understand how to apply SMTP Settings in Opkey.

Click the Tools icon at the top-right corner.

Scroll down and select Configure SMTP Settings from the Tools Menu.

SMTP Settings page opens. Fill in the necessary details:-

1. Specify the SMTP Server Name, such as Fields marked with * are mandatory.

2. Enter the Email Address where you want to send the execution result.

3. Provide the Port Number of the server through which the mail will be sent. By default, it is typically 587 or 25 for Outlook.

4. Optionally, tick the Enable SSL checkbox to allow the secure transferring of emails in encrypted format.

5. If authentication is required, select the Require Authentication checkbox. This will enable the UserName and Password fields.

6. Enter the UserName. If it's the same as the Email Address, select the checkbox accordingly.

7. Enter the Password for authentication

  1. 8. Enter the Email IDs on which the mail has to be sent. If you are specifying multiple Email IDs, separate them with commas.

  2. 9. Click on the Save button to save the SMTP configurations.
  3. 10. Use the "Send Test Mail" option to send a sample email and verify that emails are being successfully delivered to the recipients.

  4. 11. Choose whether to include "Skipped Over" steps in the email report by checking or unchecking the corresponding checkbox. Note that "Skipped Over" steps are those where mandatory arguments are not provided with values.

  5. 12. To return to the Opkey window, click on the Close icon located at the rightmost corner of the screen.

A Test Mail will be sent to the added email IDs.

 Click on the Send test mail option.

When you send the test email, you'll receive the execution result reports over the mentioned email.

If SMTP Settings haven't been configured from the Tools menu, you can also do so directly from the Test Run Wizard. Here's how:

Open the Test Run Wizard and navigate to the Advanced Settings option.

Scroll down, and click on the SMTP Settings icon.

You'll be navigated to the SMTP window to enter the details. Save the settings.

After your execution, the results will be automatically sent via email.

You've reached the end of this article and are now well-prepared to configure SMTP settings for your Opkey account. 

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Explore, experiment, and achieve your testing goals on Opkey!

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