Installation of Opkey's Execution Agent - Opkey Classic

Opkey's Execution Agent is a functional test execution engine necessary for running test cases on Windows machines only. For Mac users, you need to install the Spock agent designed for test execution.

Opkey New UI - If your Opkey environment URL ends with (eg., click here to follow the process of agent installation for the new UI. 

If you are on the Opkey Classic environment and your Opkey URL ends with (eg. continue to follow the steps as given below.

Navigate to the Download Center located on the top left of the Opkey Dashboard.

Click on the Opkey Agent to open the agent information page. Click on the Download Agent link.

Copy this Authentication Code and keep it in a notepad. It will be required to enter after the agent is installed.

Installing Opkey Execution Agent takes only a few clicks. Double-click the downloaded setup file and follow the installation steps below.     

Click on Next to initiate the Agent installation process.

Here, you can read the End User License Agreement. Check the “I accept the terms of the License Agreement” checkbox and click on Next.


If you prefer to install the complete version, choose 'Full.' Alternatively, select 'Custom' if you wish to personalize the installation. To continue, click on 'Next.' 


Click on ‘Next‘ to proceed.

You can allow usage of this Opkey Execution Agent installed on your machine for 'All users' or choose the 'Just me' option,


You can check Create Installation Logs to view installation logs on completion of Agent installation. Click on Next to proceed.

Your installation process is going on. Please wait for a whilEnter the Agent Authentication Code, which is a unique alphanumeric key(copied earlier)

The authentication code is necessary to establish a connection between the Opkey domain and the agent, enabling the local machine to connect with Opkey's cloud server. 

If you want to install Agent without entering Authentication code, mark Continue without Authentication code checkbox and click on Next.

Click Finish to complete the installation process.

A shortcut icon for Opkey Agent will be generated on your desktop post-installation. Launch the Opkey Agent by double-clicking on the icon.

Updating Opkey Agent

You may see a 'Check For Updates' pop-up right after the installation. The link is available as a pop-up under the Help menu in the Opkey Agent as shown below:

Click on the 'Check For Updates' for any available updates of the Opkey Agent.

If updates are available then it displays the list of all available updates as shown below:

Click on Yes to update else click on No.

Clicking on Yes downloads the available updates.


Click Yes for the pop-up message - "Do you wish to authorize this application to make modifications to your device?" Follow the provided instructions to complete the update installation process.


After successful installation of updates, a message confirms that the Plugin(s) have been updated successfully.


Changes will be applied after the Agent restarts. Click on OK.

 The below message is displayed after all updates have taken place.

Note - If Opkey Agent is installed by an Administrator User, the updates will be visible to all users (both Administrators and Non-Administrators). However, only the Administrator users will have the right to install them.

With this, you have now successfully installed your Opkey Agent. As a next step you need to add the required licenses to the Opkey Execution Agent.

To understand the process of adding licenses in the Opkey Execution agent, click here.

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