Attachment Management

This feature allows you to upload the documents within OpKey. These documents could be of any type like excel, word, image, pdf, etc. but it should not be an executable file. You can use your uploaded document in your Test Script as per your requirement. The uploaded file(s) get saved under the DB, if the File Store Management under the agent utility is chosen as Store in Database otherwise it get stored under the Shared File Storage.

Click on ‘Attachment‘ > Browse & select your file to be uploaded

ToolsAttachmentsAttachment Manager > Here you can add the file you want to use as attachment

The added file(s) can be deleted, updated, exported or searched by using corresponding buttons on Attachment Manager window.

There are 11 keywords which have been changed/added because of this feature. They are as follows:

  1. CopyFile
  2. GetCellValueFromExcel
  3. GetFileExtension
  4. GetFileName
  5. GetFileNameWithoutExtension
  6. GetFileSize
  7. GetValueFromCSV
  8. ReadTextFile
  9. CheckFileExist
  10. SearchTextInFile
  11. GetFilePath

Data input parameters have been changed in the above keywords. A new Data Type File has been added. A new tab of Data Input Arguments has been added with the name of Attachment.

New data type can be seen in below-mentioned components:

  • While creating Global Variables.
  • While adding an input parameter under Function Library.
  • While creating a custom keyword.

Files with size up to 4 MB can be uploaded in DB. For uploading files more than 4 MB size, the user will have to change the “File Store Management” to store in Shared File Storage under the Admin utility.

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