Licensing in Opkey

Licensing in Opkey refers to the process of obtaining permission or authorization to use the software. 

Opkey employs two licensing models: Seat License and Concurrent License.

A Seat License is tied to a specific computer, allowing only one user to use the license at a time, and it's bound to the computer on which it's installed.

Conversely, a Concurrent License permits multiple users to utilize Opkey on different machines within a local network.

Applying Seat License

To apply for a seat license, go to the Plugins License Information section on the Opkey Agent. Select the plugin for which a license update is required. 

Click the Settings icon, select the Seat License radio button & enter the license code received from Opkey Support. 

Click on Activate to apply the license code.

 Now, you can see that your plugin license is activated.

Applying Concurrent License

Opkey users send machine code and port number to for a Concurrent license, and Opkey support generates a license code. 

Opkey Execution Agent includes 4 default plugins: Opkey Desktop, IE-Plugin, Opkey Web, and Utility. Contact for additional plugins. Install them on your machine and restart the Opkey Agent.

Go to the Plugins License Information section, click on the Settings icon, select Concurrent License & enter the license code.

Click on Activate to apply the license code. Your Plugin license will be updated.

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