Configuring & using Jira in Opkey

Jira, a well-known bug-tracking, issue-tracking, and project-management tool, and can be integrated with Opkey.It enables automatic bug logging for failed test executions and updating existing bugs in specific projects. 


Let’s see how to achieve that in Opkey.

Login to the Opkey portal and click on Launch Now on the Continuous Test Automation Platform.




On the project workspace page, go to ‘Profile Icon’ at the bottom section and select ‘Settings’.





Click on the Project Management icon in the next window. 



Click Projects from the options. 



Select the project in which you want to configure Jira and click on the External Tool icon.



On the pop-up window, check the checkbox of ‘Use for Test Management’ corresponding to the Jira tool. 



Click on the ‘Configure’ icons and save it with the Save icons. 



Post entering the Jira credentials on the pop-up window, click on Login. 



Check the checkbox of Opkey SaaS on the next window under Opkey Project.


Click on the Configure icon. 




On the next window, click on the ‘+’ icon to add the Workflow. 


Fill in the conditions of Given execution status, Issue Type, Issue Status, Change Status, and click on the Back button. 



Click on Yes to save.


Go back to your Project Workspace and Click on Tools Icon. 


Click External Tool Integration from Opkey’s Tool section under Integrations Settings. 



Sync the integration settings with the Sync icon. It will be saved successfully. 


Right-click the test case. The test case gets mapped with Jira in Opkey.



Search the Test case with the details. 



Select the test case(s) and click on Apply Mapping changes. 


Post the settings the pop-up will be displayed. Click on ‘Yes’. Mapping of the test case will be successfully done. 




You now learned how to integrate the Jira Tool with Opkey Web.

Jira on Premise

In on-premise Jira, users can activate the utility by entering Opkey domain details. Upon a successful connection, they can proceed to connect and run tests.

The utility supports one user connected to a single domain at a time. To switch to a different environment, users must log out of the current domain and log in to the new one. 

Current users who wish to use the utility can simply enable it by selecting the "Use Utility" option within the Jira window and proceed.

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