Adding a SOAP Service in Opkey

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a messaging protocol that allows two applications to communicate with each other over a network using XML messages.  


In this article, we will create a SOAP API method and call it in a test case.  

Here, we will use the example of a SOAP service that converts Celsius to Fahrenheit. 


Login, to the Opkey portal and select the project to work on.  

On the Project Workspace, click on the Create New icon and create a new Service Repository. 


Rename the Service Repository and click on the Add SOAP button as shown in the image below. 


A new node will open. Rename the node. 


Go to Service URI on the left side of the screen. Enter the URL to be used in the blank space. 


Now add a Method to the SOAP Service by clicking the ADD Method button. 


Add an XML Input Parameter by clicking the Add XML button. 


Copy the XML code from the given URL and paste it into the window that opens. 


The window opens by clicking the ADD XML button. Paste the XML code and click OK. 


It will extract the parameters from the provided XML code. You can check under the XML parameter tab. 

Provide the default Celsius value you want to convert to Fahrenheit. Then click Save


Now create a test case and call the Service Repository of SOAP API by clicking the ‘+’ icon next to the recorder icon.


Select the Service Repository option and add the created node. 


The node gets added to the test case as a step. Save it with the Save button. 


Now click on the Run Now button and Execute the Test Case. 


On the Local Execution Wizard enter the details of Session Name, Build Name, and Execution agent, and click on Finish


Post execution you can view the results.  



The Celsius gets converted to Fahrenheit. 



You now learned to use SOAP Services using Opkey.

Read how REST API Testing is done in Opkey by clicking Here.




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