Manual Function Library

A function library is a component designed for reusability, capable of being utilized across various test cases. For instance, one can create a function library specifically for the login functionality and subsequently call it in different test cases.

We can create a function library in three different ways: Manual, Automated, and Coded.

In this article, we will discuss about Manual function library:-

In a Manual function library, the functions or test steps, including input and output data are written and executed manually. Unlike the automated function library, this approach does not incorporate a recorder or keywords feature. 

Let's see how can we create a manual function library:-

The first step is to select the test folder and right-click to create a new function library. You can also choose the function library artifact from the dial of testing artifacts.

Now, rename your manual function library.

Click on the Manual function library option and it will provide you with the necessary fields to define the objectives and conditions of the test case (pre and post-conditions) 

Post this, you can add a test description.

Once you have described your test step, you can add the input data that includes the parameters to get the desired result and add the output data that you desire from this test step.

In the same manner, complete the entire test case by adding steps and data.

You can also link an existing manual function library in the test case as a test step.

For this, click on the Add Manual Function Library icon.

When you click on the icon to Add Manual Function Library, a popup window opens from where you can choose the desired Function Library.

Here, the Manual Function Library has been added as a test step.

Now you can provide the input and output data to the added function library.

You can perform other actions like delete, copy, paste, move up, and move down the test steps.

You can also upload attachments. The added attachment will be available in the attachment manager and saved in the Opkey server for future use.

Once you are done with your test steps, you can save the function library by clicking on the save icon. 

Now let us see how to use this function library in a test case.

Calling a function library in a test case

Create a test case.

Click on the "+" icon to add a test step and then select the function library option.

After this select or search for your manual function library.

Once you click on the desired function library, your function library will be added as a test step within your test case.

Now, you can save and execute your test case.

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