Customizing form fields with Configure Fields

The Configure Field section in Opkey's App settings enables you to add custom values and manage specific fields in release, milestone, ticket, and user story creation forms. To use this feature, you must have admin access for your Opkey Environment. 

Let's walk you through this section:

To access the Configure Fields, click the Profile icon and select App settings option.

Here, you'll find a list of fields that can be customized using this feature.

For example, in the Release creation form, you can include custom Status fields or release Types. Similarly, in the Ticket creation form, you have the option to configure Status, Resolution, and Type fields.

Furthermore, you can modify the details of each field type in their respective sections. However, if you wish to configure the Priority and Application type fields that are common across all listed forms, you can utilize the Universal Option.

Changes made in this section will be applied universally across all listed forms. For example, adding a new Priority in the Universal section will incorporate the new priority type into the release, milestone, ticket, and user story creation forms.

Now, let's learn how to configure a field. 

1. Here, we will be configuring the Status field in the Release creation form. Double click on the Status option.

2. Here, you can see five system defined values for choosing status. You can change their display settings by choosing the foreground and background color. If you don't want any of these field to show on your form, you can click the toggle button in the visibility column to hide them.

3. Next, to add a custom value for status, click the + button on the toolbar.

4. Add a name for your custom status value. Here, we have added Pick Later as a custom status value.

5. Next, select the foreground and background color for the value from the color picker option as shown.

6. Once done, you can move the value up or down in the list with the move icons at the top. You can designate this value as the default value by clicking the checkbox. Once set as default, the field cannot be deleted.

7. Next, in the Create Release form, we can see the Pick Later value is added in the Status dropdown with the specified text and background colors.

8. If you want to delete this custom value, you can go back to the status section, select the value, and click the delete icon at the top top.

By following the same steps, you can efficiently configure fields in other forms specified in the Configure Fields section.

This brings use to the end of this article.

Click here to learn more about various admin settings in Opkey. 

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