Creating Manual Reusable Component

A manual reusable component is a pre-defined, self-contained set of manual test steps or actions used in software testing. These components can be created by manually adding steps, combining them with other components, and providing input data to specific test steps.

Manual reusable components are useful in scenarios where certain test steps are common across multiple test cases or where manual testing is required for complex and exploratory features. 

For example, a reusable component with steps to sign in to the e-commerce app can be used across multiple manual test cases requiring signing into the application.

Creating a manual reusable component is similar to creating a manual test case. Let's look at the process of creating manual reusable components in Opkey.

1. To create a reusable component you need to hover over the QLM section on the left and click on Test. 

2In this section, click the Create Reusable Component icon and select Manual Reusable Component.

3. A new window opens on the right. Add details like name, priority, assignee, and description of the component.  You can also add attachments like spreadsheets, videos, images, etc. Once done, click the Create button.

4. You will be redirected to the manual reusable component page. Now, you can click the Add Step button at the top to add a step to the component as shown below.

5. Add a description of the test step.

6. Click Add input arguments to add data. You can also add data to a test step by clicking the three dots icon on the right of the test step and selecting Set input data


7. The Edit data of step page opens on the rightYou can add input parameters by clicking the + icon at the top

8. In this example, we have added Browser as the first parameter and Chrome as its value. Similarly, we have added URL as the second parameter and as its value. You can also click the Data Drive icon to map a datasheet to these input steps.

9. Close the Edit data of step window. You can also add the expected output in the adjacent tab as shown below. 

10. You can also map any existing reusable components containing repeatable steps to this test case. Click the Add Component Step icon, and search the component as shown below. 

11. Here, we are adding a manual reusable component containing steps to sign in to a URL. Type the name of the reusable component and click on the search result to add it to the reusable component.

11. You can further upload attachments, like images, spreadsheets, videos, etc. by clicking the Attach button in the top panel. You can also add attachments to test steps by clicking the Upload Attachment icon in the test step.

12. Once done, save all the steps to complete the process of manual reusable component creation. You can add this reusable component to any other manual test case.

You've reached the end of this article and are now well-prepared to create and use manual reusable components. 

Ready to dive deeper? Check out the next article: Attachment Management.

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