Attachment Management in Opkey

In the Attachment Management section, you can upload a wide range of document formats, including Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, image files, PDFs, and more. Notably, the upload of executable files is prohibited to safeguard your system from potential risks.

Once these documents are uploaded, you have the flexibility to incorporate them into your test cases to meet your specific testing needs. This integration enhances the versatility of your testing process, allowing you to work with diverse data sources efficiently.

For instance, imagine you are conducting software testing for a financial application. You can utilize this feature to upload sample Excel files containing various financial transactions or reports. Subsequently, you can use these uploaded documents within your test case to simulate real-world financial scenarios. 

Let's understand how a file can be uploaded and managed in Opkey.

1. Click on the tools icon on the Opkey dashboard. 


2. Select 'Attachment Management' from the available options in the window. Another window pops up where you can add the file you want to use as an attachment.

3. Click the Add Attachment icon. Browse & select your file to be uploaded.

4. The added file(s) appear in the list. You can be delete, update, export, or search file(s) by using the corresponding buttons on the Attachment Management window as shown below.

5. Uploaded files are shown in a list with details such as File Name, Extension, Attachment Type, File Size, Uploaded By, and Uploaded on.

6. You can also select an attachment and click the Used By button at the bottom to see where the attachment is used. It shows details such as Name, Full Path, Description, and Component Type.

You've reached the end of this article and are now well-prepared to upload attachments on Opkey. 

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Explore, experiment, and achieve your testing goals on Opkey!

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