Opkey Release – 5.49

New Features

Auto Generation of Data
Now, OpKey users can generate their required data by setting few parameters. The auto generated data can be used across respective artifacts, as required. In order to generate data automatically, you need to provide few inputs as parameters (like DataType, Length, Prefix, Suffix, Exclusion, Allow Alphabets, Allow Numbers, Allow Special Characters etc.) based on which data are generated. You can generate various kind of data like String, Integer, Double & DateTime. Panel Heading Name is another way of generating auto data in which you need to provide Regex as input parameter. Once data is generated, open your artifact, select data from Auto Data Generation tab under data input argument section of the respective keyword. Thus, your auto generated data will be used during test execution of the mapped keyword.

Folder Level Privileges
Now, an OpKey user having admin privileges can restrict a group(s) or user(s) from accessing an artifact or folder of the project. This feature is available for OpKey Web and Portal environment so far & it will be implemented on other platforms (OpKey Accelerator & Impact Analysis) in upcoming sprints. To use this feature, navigate to the Project Management section in Admin panel, click on Assign folder/file permission for SSO groups and users button of the desired project and apply privileges, as required.

Dependency of Agent for Coded FL on Mac machine is removed
While working on Coded Function Library feature on Mac machine, local OpKey Agent will not be required for executing Coded Function Library. You can now execute your Coded FL through Spock Agent. Furthermore, you don’t need to install different plugins as Local Agent is not required. Thus, dependency on Local Agent on Mac machine for test execution of Coded FL, has been removed.

License handling from SaaS Admin Panel
License Management in OpKey has now been improved. There is a new section “License Management” in admin panel of the OpKey Web which reflects the license information of the different OpKey components (allowed users, OpKey web, Accelerator, Job Portal, Impact Analysis, MBT, Sparkin and Agent). From here, you can upgrade license of the OpKey Agent & number of users allowed to login. You need contact OpKey Support team at support@opkey.com to get license keys of the OpKey Agent & number of users allowed to login for your registered OpKey web domain. Click on the Update button corresponding to OpKey Agent & Allowed users to login and then enter the license key.

Gherkin Report with Filter
GherkinReport is one of the most awaited feature of OpKey which is now available in this OpKey release. You can now export your Gherkin report of the execution having Gherkin & Sparkin artifacts. Gherkin report export wizard has a filter which has few fields like Name, Custom Keyword, Review and Approved By, Show Remarks, Select to add Template etc. List of all the Gherkin & Sparkin artifact(s) are displayed in the Gherkin Report export wizard; you can select desired Gherkin & Sparkin artifacts and export Gherkin report. “Select to add Template” option allows you to add a template page on the last page of the exported Gherkin Report file which contains some important information about the execution like Test Environment, Windows Edition, Database Version, System Type etc.

New OpKey Web Plugin
Here, we have made a quite few improvements in our object finding mechanism and rolled out a brand new plugin called as Web plugin. This Web plugin would have enhancements on top of what we were having in our Selenium-JS plugin. The Web plugin is an excellent remodeling, reintroducing and renovation of the Selenium-JS plugin.

Major improvements about this Web Plugin are:

  • Enhanced object finding mechanism.
  • Waits for dynamic object load/page load and hence No static waits required to be added in the scripts.
  • Enhanced and optimized Visual Identification Mechanism for object finding. Enhanced “ByText” set of keywords.
  • Allows scripts to wait till step timeout.

Java keyword listing in recorder grid
While working on Java/Desktop Recorder, OpKey users can now add a Java keyword from the list under Recorder grid and map with a spied object of Java application. Earlier to this, only Desktop Recorder specific keywords were showing in the recorder grid.

Service Repository feature enhancements
OpKey users can now do impact analysis of the Salesforce APIs through Service Repository. This feature allows you to analyze the impact on Business Process & Test Case in OpKey for the changes applied on corresponding Salesforce object, associated with the Business Processes. Further, Impact Analysis provides you a report of artifacts being impacted due to the latest changes done in the associated object page in Salesforce.

Introducing Peoplesoft Recorder & Playback Engine
Now, with this OpKey release we are introducing an advanced Peoplesoft Recorder & playback engine. You can record actions performed on a Peoplesoft application and create a test script quickly and easily. Once the script gets created successfully, you can playback the script by using all new Peoplesoft Plugin engine. Peoplesoft Recorder is integrated with our OpKey Smart Recorder. You can contact with our support team (support@opkey.com) for Peoplesoft Plugin. This Peoplesoft Recorder supports all popular web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and IE) with OpKey Smart Recorder whereas it supports Chrome browser with OpKey Recorder for Chrome (Chrome Addon).

Replica, Export & Sync feature enhancements
Now, export & sync option is available at the root level of folder in Project Workspace. Further, the exported artifact folder can be imported to the Project Workspace at desired location through import or replica option. While making replica of the exported artifact, you are asked to select or create a folder in which artifact replica will be created. While importing exported artifact through Import option, you get Artifact Importing Details (individual artifact count) along with logs. Now, there is no any loader page during exporting, making replica or syncing data. While making replica or syncing data, first of all the data is exported and then replica is created or data is synced, as per your requirement.

Other features/enhancements
Assign folder/file permissions for SSO groups and users button in Project Management page. Session Management tab having two inner tabs as Running Sessions & Queued Sessions. License Management tab for showing license related information.

Other Enhancements
Now, there is a new button named as “Assign folder/file permissions for SSO groups and users” for the listed projects, at Project Management page. When you click on this button for the desired project, a popup window opens which includes all the files and folders in a hierarchical way. From here, you can select desired file/folder and users having access to the selected file/folder is displayed in right pane. If you want to restrict access from those user(s), check the corresponding checkbox & click on Apply. There is a new tab named as Session Management which has two inner tabs as Running Sessions & Queued Sessions. Running Sessions tab displays the list of running sessions which are going through test execution whereas the list of queued sessions tab displays the list of queued sessions which are queued for test execution. There is also a new tab named as License Management showing license related information. From here, you can upgrade the license of Allowed users to login and OpKey Agent. Make sure that you have the required license keys.

Note: Due to major architectural changes in OpKey, it’s compulsory to download & install latest released OpKey Agent for test execution.

Major Bug Fixes

Issue key
Cloud under VPC || Getting exception “System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out” whenever user try to trigger 200 session in a single batch on Cloud execution.
Sparkin || Getting exception “A potentially dangerous Request.Form” while adding tag value in angular brackets.
IOS | Playback | TestMunk application || “Mobile_SwipeTowards” is not working in pcloudy
Blank rows are getting saved in Exclusion and if user add other string field in that also blank rows are visible
UI of Zoom Properties in data input argument of String data type is not correct
Values not getting saved in Exclusion
Disable copy paste of that field whoes checkbox is unchecked
Resolution specific (1366*768 & 1280*720)|Accelerator|Job Portal|Session Limit|UI| Session limit bar getting overlap on lower resolution.
Values not getting saved in String data type
UI of data input argument is not correct
UI on IE
Coded FL | User getting Save option and Intellisense option again and again when user even type single word on Coded FL
IOS | Playback | TestMunk Application || If object is not there , it should be object not found instead of click by xpath position
IOS | Playback | Plano || Playabck is not working as the first keyword is not getting clicked “Object not Found” message on result(pCloudy)
IOS | Playback | Oxigen || keyword is giving Fake pass during execution(pCloudy)
IOS | SPY | When switch to SPY mode and click on Hybrid pop=up application getting crash
GDR|UI|When user scroll the GDR sheet then last row is not visible.
MBT|Input Parameter| When user delete input or output parameter then user is not able to save input or output parameters.
UI issue|| UI of “User/Group” pane gets truncated when pane contains 10-20 users in the list on Set Permissions window.
Panel heading name is not coming in data input argument zoom properties
VerifyObjectDisabled/Verify ObjectEnable | “VerifyObjectDisabled/Verify ObjectEnable” keyword is not working properly during execution.
Recorder Jnlp is unable to download in Firefox
Session Limit|Status Bar| Menu status bar is not displaying in Accelerator and Portal.
IOS | Recording | Testmunk Application || Wrong object Image is coming .
TC|LDR|UI| When user add data row in ldr then data row is not displaying.
Getting exception when force stoping any session which is executing on agent containing <>
Error message “Node already selected” is displayed and user is not able to use “Set Permissions” functionality once user selects any Job Portal file in set permissions window.
Restricted user should be restricted to edit a job scheduled using restricted suite on OpKey Web.
IOS | SPY | LiveWire | Application crashing when switch to SPY mode and click to Toggle option(pCloudy)
IOS | Recording | Dynamite || Click on objects is not working
IOS | Playback | MovieHD || The playback is not working as the first keyword is not functioning and show “Object not found” message(pCloudy)
Error message “Record not found in database” displayed when user selects root nodes “Project Workspace”/”Home”/”Suite” on set permissions window.
IOS | SPY | When working with SPY mode in any Application , if there is any Pop-Up in the application the SPY is Behaving Falsely
SelectMultipleDropDownItem | “Value” is not getting recorded during recording through smart recorder.
Some data is getting saved in Placeholder if provide length in String data type and save
qTest || User not authenticating in qTest on Local Environment.
Hide Gherkin Reeport at Acc side
Security || css-style | Not implemented in Artifact step level.
Security || css-style | Not implemented in Execution Result while doing changes in Global variable.
IOS | Recording | TestMunk || The hybrid recording is not working properly
IOS | Playback | EDRE_Client_App || Keyword are performing functions on wrong objects(LOCAL)
No button is not working of Persistor on Cancel(X) button
IOS | Recording | pr4qaemail || Application is hanging in between when try to record steps(LOCAL)
Data format is not correct in some fields for data under angular braces i.e <data> or <iframe>
Length should be mandatory field in String data type
Regex value in not visible in data input argument
Cloud_VPC || Batch is getting created in wrong Build name whenever user execute script on Cloud.
Security || css-style | Not implemented in Run now Execution wizard while doing changes in Global variable.
UI is getting distorted if provide value <data> and <iframe> in Exclusion
Security || css-style | Agent || Not implemented on Agent(name) side.
Security || css-style | Alert message throwing on Scheduled job in Opkey Web.
Security || css-style | Added steps getting whenever user provide value in Dynamic Object: name field.
Security || css-style | Alert message is displaying on Queued Session Management in Admin Panel.
Cloud under VPC || Long execution getting stopped unexpectedly in between whenever user execute script on Cloud Machine.
Dynamic Object || Incorrect GV Name and Output Variable name displayed in the dynamic object property value when a user mapped a GV and Output Variable to the Dynamic object property value.
Time is also getting generated for Date format only
In DateTime only 12:00 AM is getting generated
TC | FL | GV || Objects (Object Repository, Dynamic Object, Output Data, etc )get disappeared from the Test Object Pane window in right side pane of TC/FL.
SF_DeselectDataFromPickList | SF_DeselectDataFromPickList keyword is getting failed during execution.
SF_SearchAndSelect | SF_SearchAndSelect keyword is getting failed during execution.
Exception is coming if no checkbox is selected in String data type
If user select any group then other group fields should not be editable
Minus and Zero value should not be allowed in Length in String data type
Validation for Integer data type
Regex field and Placeholder is also visible in data input argument for String, Integer and DateTime data type
All properties should come in data input argument for Integer and DateTime data type
Persistor is not coming for Refresh button
Remove placeholder from Integer , Double and DateTime data type
Placeholder boxes should get created on providing Length and remove Input field from Placeholder
Remove Placeholder property from String
DateTime data type properties should not be editable
Accelerator || Last Executed Job | When user only execute BC , here in Last Execute job “Total Test” count get update
Accelerator || Step Details || Is negative | User enables Is negative before the start of execution but in step details after execution , is negative checkbox is disable
Sel_JS_3.141.5 || Growl Feature || Previous step’s growl notification appear in next step once previous step(s) is getting FAILs
Admin|Agent Management| Loader get stuck when user delete agent from agent management.
OR| An exception is appearing i.e. Presistant Logic not implemented for: AllUnified
Accelerator| Label tree get blank and error is displaying in console i.e. tree.get_node is not a function
IOS | Playback | LiveWire || “TypeTextEditBox” is not getting keys during playback , Object Not Found message in the results (pCloudy)
IOS | Playback | TestMunk Application || During Playback, “Mobile_GetVisibleTextsOnscreen” is returning a single text multiple times
IOS | Playback | Arch aka MacDonald || Keywords performing fake pass on LOCAL
IOS | Playback | Hotel App || During Playback, “click” keyword performing Fake pass at some objects while executing(LOCAL)
IOS | Playback | pr4qaemail || “Mobile_SwipetoObject” and “Mobile_SwipetoText” is not working in this application(LOCAL)
IOS | Playback | pr4qaemail || “Mobile_swipeTowards” Performing fake pass during playback in “DOWN” Direction(LOCAL)
IOS | Playback | Hotel App || During Playback, “Mobile_SwipeTowards” getting Fake pass while executing(LOCAL)
IOS | Recording | EDRE_CLient_App || The place holder for “TypeTextEditBox” Fields is not coming in the recording panel(LOCAL)
IOS | Playback | Arch aka Macdonald || “TypeTextEditBox” is not typing keys exactly at object where it were getting recorded during Playback
SF_GotoTab | SF_GotoTab keyword is not performing any action during execution.
IOS | Recording / SPY | AppEven || After Launching the application , The First pop-up named as “Update or Update Later” is not getting recorded not even working correctly when switched on SPY
IOS | Recording | FlickJoy || Navigation and search icon is not working / hanged in the applications(LOCAL)
IOS | Playback | Hotel App || During Playback, “Mobile_SwipeToObject” getting Fake pass while executing
IOS | SPY | NO STR || Switching between spy to record or Record to spy is quite slow in pcloudy
Same custom keyword is showing repeatedly in drop down if same Custom keyword used in different flows
Edge Specific || Provided data in cell get disappeared whenever user enter data in a cell and click on another cell under GDR.
SF_ClickLink | SF_ClickLink keyword is getting failed during execution.
Chrome Addon | SF_GotoTab keyword is not getting recorded.
Chrome-Ad-don Issue | User getting error when user add Obfuscated chrome add-on build
Chrome Add-on Issue | User not getting “Object Image” in Value Field when user go through Object and perform right and click on “Add to Test case”, and Add Object option
User should not be allowed to connect multiple edges from/to START and END nodes.
IOS | Playback | App Even || Application keeps getting crashed when launch manually for play back on LOCAL
IOS | Recording || VICC aka Taangle || “TypeTextEditBox” is recording each input separately when typing Number on place of “Number” Field
IOS | Recording | Testmunk Application || Text/Name/Innertext property is not coming for Segmented Control Element, Switched and Steppers.
IOS | Playback | GoodNight || Toggle option perform Fake Pass During Playback
IOS | Recording | EzHire Application || 2 different xpaths are coming for a same Object.
IOS | Playback || Mobile_GetChildObjectCount Keyword is throwing exception when Recursive Count is True (Class Specific).
IE Plugin || Most of the Generic Keywords are getting StepTimedOut(STO)
IOS | Recording | Lyric || During Recording , an extra step of “Verify password ” is getting recorded when trying to record “Country”
IOS | SPY | TestMunk || SPY working falsely when switch to SPY mode and click on any “TypeTextEditBox”
IOS | Recording |TestMunk || Images of hybrid step is not getting recorded while recording
CHROME SPECIFIC/Mac safari/Chrome / Dashboard_UI | Without mouse hovering on artifact tool tip gets visible under Create new artifact dashboard.
IOS | Playback | TestMunk application || “Mobile_GetChildObjectCount” is not working for HYBRID in LOCAL
VerifyTableColumnHeader / OpkeyIEPlugin | “VerifyTableColumnHeader ” keyword is getting failed while executing.
IE Plugin | Accept pop up keyword is not working when user execute any flow .
Keywords are getting failed while executing through IE plugin.
SelectWindow | Proper Message is not appearing under message field for select window keyword.
GoToAdmin| Project name is not displaying at top after selecting the project.
IOS | Recording | EZHire Application || Extra step of INPUT is getting recorded (PCLOUDY)
IOS | Recording | KotackDemo(OxigenWallet) || The application is keep getting crash when Launching(LOCAL)
Opkey_IE_Plugin /Click | Click keyword is getting fake pass during execution.
VerifyObjectDisable / WaitForObjectDisable | Keyword functionality issue while executing through IE plugin.
Web_SelectListItem | “Web_SelectListItem” Keyword getting fail during execution.
ClickLink | ClickLink keyword is getting step time out while executing through IE plugin.
CloseSelectedWindow | “CloseSelectedWindow” is not getting executed through IE plugin.
Web_WaitForWindowLoad | “Index is Invalid” occur under debug info when user execute Web_WaitForWindowLoad keyword through IE plugin.
IOS | Playback | NO STR || Applications are getting crashed while executing Mobile_ClickByText keyword.
Correct spelling of Cancel in Persistor of LDR
Security Bug || No error message or captcha displaying in Authenticate user under Project management.
IOS | Recording | DownCloud || The “TypeTextEditBox” is not getting keys entered through pcloudy Keyboard
GoToAdmin| Exception is appearing i.e. Project is not selected yet ! when user click on GoToAdmin button from project list window.
IOS | Playback | SmartTowing Customer || Application keep crashing when playback the recorded steps in LOCAL
IOS | Playback | TestMunk application || Application is getting crash when many iteration is perform on click keyword
Project Workspace | User is not able to close end tour tab.
Keyword Management | loader remains visible when user update same file with same jar.
FL | TC | GV || Exception get occurred at the time of GV Referencing in Dynamic Object.
IOS | SPY | TestMunk || When working with SPY mode in the Application , there is a “SIGN IN ” Button where SPY is behaving falsely
Selenium JS | ClickInTableCellByQuery keyword is getting fake pass during execution.
Grid Execution|Scheduler| If user do not select any agent at the time of queuing suite from grid or scheduling job then it should search for another agent as plugin is not available on that idle agent.
Different color is displayed on “SkippedOver Steps” toggle available on execution result for platform “Job Portal”
Remove notification if do not provide length and click near checkboxes
Coded_Fl Issue “Safari” browser Issue | User getting jar download again and again even coded_Fl utility is already installed in machine
Coded_FL Issue | User getting “Please wait compilation is in progress” when open SAS on firefox and make an changes in Coded Fl and click on “Start compilation “
No tool-tip and string-cutter available in set permissions window where project name is displayed.
Restriction message displayed on scheduler is not having text wrapping on popup on Job Portal environment.
Alignment issue on modules available in accelerator dashboard on display resolution 1280 X 720.
Sparkin || Tag not adding in Sparkin and getting error in console.
OR || Object Property is adding in wrong sequence and not saving. Also, getting wrong notification “Property name already exits.” whenever user add property in Object repository.
Only 1st level of root node should be displayed expanded when user opens “Set Permissions” window on work-space pane.
qTest || Screenshot not attaching in Test run & defect whenever user execute script through Opkey with qTest.
Salesforce Plugin ||SF_GetMultiplePickListItems keyword is getting ONF When using it for the single select pick list
Verify keyword | Notifications Tab for verify keyword is appearing in center.
SAAS Accelerator | BC/BP | Outputdata menu icon : UI get disturbed
UI alignment issue|| Alignment of data-source mapping radio button is not properly aligned.
Cloud under VPC || Performance | Taking 6.30 mins to start execution whenever Machine is in stopped State & 1.30 mins when machine is in Idle state, whenever user execute script on Cloud .
Usability Improvement||Display selected project’s name in “Set Permissions” window.
Already selected platform should not be again selectable from drop-down on set permissions window available in project management of admin panel.
Coded FL Issue | Web driver package should be visible on Coded Fl when user select plugins which is dependent on Web
Session Limit| When user delete any session from execution result and switch tabs then session bar limit is not displaying.
Alignment of info message displayed in set permissions window is not vertically center aligned and font size is very small.
Display emoticon watermark on User/Groups pane available in Set Permissions window if no list is available.
Wrong text is getting displayed on save changes popup of set permissions window.
Display tool-tip for platform selection drop-down on Set Permissions window.
No error message is getting displayed on screen when user copy-paste any steps from a file (TC/FL) to a restricted file(TC/FL) respectively.
Wrong icon and tool-tip is displayed for “Set Permission” button available under “Actions” column in project management.
Display column name=”Restrict” for column header on set permissions window.
Appium || Script is executed on same device for both the users if they are using the same credentials, deviceName, AppName
Salesforce Recorder || Chrome Addon || Incorrect keyword(SF_GoToTab) is getting the record when user select setup option.
Acceleartor / Jobs | Open in New Tab option remains visible when user perform any operation .
If provide max value less than min value in integer then on moving from one field to other grid should get refreshed
Local Hosting Result Deletion Message | Proper message should appear if user deletes the results directly from back-end (sharedfilestorage) instead of OpKey UI
Change tool tip from Zoom Object Properties to Zoom properties
Security || Getting exception “A potentially dangerous Request.Form” whenever user provide value in angular brackets “<abcd>” and try to save it.
Two scroll bars not needed in Exclusion model
Persister should not come if change data type from itself like String to string etc
Success message “Verification email sent successfully” is not visible as the text colour is white on login page.
Increase Grid size in Double data type
Alignment of Group is not correct
IE Plugin | IE carshes when user stops the execution
Change platform names of drop-down available in “Set Permissions” window of a project.
Admin || Pagination issue in Agent Management under Admin.
Execution Dashboard || When user Click Refresh button both the Date field get cleared but current date build get remains in the GRID.
Accelerator || User Interface : UI get Randomly disturbed , when user do multiple operations and exchanging of tabs
Execution Dashboard || Last execution on Time not displaying under Last Build status dashboard in Execution Dashboard.
FL || OR tree not loading whenever user change object and click on Refresh button from Right Pane in FL
Audit Trail || Audit trail should not be in editable mode of any artifact.
Smart recorder | Delete button is not work working and unnecessary notifications occur when user press delete button from Keyboard .
IE Recorder || An extra duplicate parent frame gets added after rec is stopped
Queued Sessions || Delete, Refresh, Buttons and Search Fields not working in Queued Session under tools menu.
FL || TC || GV || Previously mapped GV in Data Input Arguments and in Dynamic Object Property values not updated whenever user update GV name.
GV || Deleted GV Strike mark is coming for a GV which is present in the Global Variable Grid.
Suite || Plugin Appium getting changed to Selenium WebDriver in Scheduled Sessions while user schedule a job with Appium Plugin.
Usability || CodedFL || By default selected plugin on CodedFl window should be “SeleniumJS” not “WebDriver” because by default plugin installed by agent is “SeleniumJs” not “WebDriver”
Gherkin || Loader get stuck whenever user delete Examples from the Gherkin and Save.
Save button getting enabled without modifying any value in Description field of Artifact.
Cloud under VPC || Result is taking more time approx. 1.30mins to upload result after execution completed.
Correct alignment of (+) button in Exclusion model and disable delete button when no value has been added
Suite || Scheduled Session window not closing after refresh the suite.
Object Repository || Object name and object property with same name getting saved in Object repository.
Global Variable || List Data type value not selecting at run time global variable wizard.
Global Variable || Focus getting shifted whenever user Add, update, check, uncheck Global Variable.
Keyword Management || Proper description should be display whenever user add input argument in Keyword Management.
Collection || Close Button should be present in “Add New Private Collection” popup window.
Queued Sessions || Select All check box not working in Queued Sessions.
OR || IntelliChoose Check Box remains selected in left side Grid after one IntelliChose deselected from left side Properties Grid.
Audit Trail reloading twice whenever user click on Audit trail under Bottom Factory in All Artifact(s).

Known Issues

Issue ID
Spock agent issue | If in between execution connection is lost then session is not continue and message appears on screen “Channel and connection has broken”
Spock Agent Issue | User not getting Snapshots when user execute Desktop flow through Desktop plugin
Spock Agent Issue | Tunnel connection automatically broken when user execute flow which is more than 1 hour on our network
Spock Agent issue | Native player still running in Task manager when user execute flow of Opkey Desktop keywords through Desktop plugin
CFL|| Icons are missing for ‘Static method’, static and non-static fields.
CFL || Description of Input parameter created inside CodedFL is not visible in FL and TC.
CodedFL || When importing a package from associated jar then colon at end of the statement is not getting added.
SalesForce_Classic || SF_SelectDataFromPickList is giving unhand-led exception.
SalesForce_Classic || Keyword “SF_Click” is getting failed with message “Object not found”.
MBT (Auto-Arrange) || Model after auto-arranging model is not usable as edge labels and edges are overlapping added vertices.
MBT /Overlapping | Overlapping issue when user create edge from one node to another node under MBT.
Accelerator|TC| Implementation of Queuing in TC at accelerator end.
FL is getting opened from session result which was executed on tag basis, while left panel is having files and folders of execution result.
Correct path/test case is getting displayed under “Impacted” category for “Model Test Coverage” and “Model Automation Implementation” on impact analysis window.
MBT | Edge should be properly visible when user drag node in between Node and edge with less distance coverage.
MBT_DragDrop | Behavior of drag and drop is not proper when user drag any node in between edge and node.
MBT | Edge Overlapping issue when user link edges from one node to another node.
MBT | Edge overlapping issue when user link node through edges.
MBT | Drag drop issue under MBT whenever user drag node.
Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
Recorder Auto Start || JNLP is getting downloaded even when the OpKey Smart Recorder is installed in the system (Scenario Specific).
Recorder Auto Start | Firefox| Edge Browser || JNLP is not getting downloaded if OpKey Smart Recorder is not installed on the system.
Connected links available on flowchart is wrongly aligned when user collapse/expand nested IF/For blocks.
Folder-Replica| Getting an Exception System.TimeoutException: Timeout performing EVAL when user queue replica with 11 users.
Folder-Replica|Queued Replica| Getting exception resTech.OpKey.Exceptions.DatabaseException: Fatal error encountered during data read.
GDR | Audit trails are not showing correctly when deleting a row
GDR | Column name is showing incorrect when adding a column after deleting 25 columns
Gherkin | Browser hangs when press enter after giving space in statements
Input Parameter|| Once FL is called in TC,If we change data type as file type to string, and if we refresh TC, in data input argument, attached file continue to be shown.
Intellisense Coded_FL Issue | user getting object intelisense outside of the Scope
Folder-Replica|Queued Replica| Getting exception resTech.OpKey.Exceptions.DatabaseException: Fatal error encountered during data read.
Folder-Replica| Getting an Exception System.TimeoutException: Timeout performing EVAL when user queue replica with 11 users.
Negative Scenario|Folder-Replica| An Exception when user delete on going replica folder then CresTech.OpKey.Exceptions.ForeignKeyFailedException: Upsert failed as some referenced entity doesnt exist.
Connected links available on flowchart is wrongly aligned when user collapse/expand nested IF/For blocks.
Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
MBT|Replica| Getting Exception when user create replica of MBT i.e. System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented.
Oracle 2.0 Playback || Oracle_SyncForm keyword needs implementation.
Sync Issue | Global Variable not reflected when user use all global variable inside Dynamic Object and try to sync
QC | Wrong Status displaying of Report which was created through Opkey on ALM. Also, zero count displaying on report.
Object available on Object input argument OR tree is getting duplicated when user refreshes OR tree on TC/FL.
Chrome Extension || User should be able to add Chrome AddOn when OpKey Web is open in incognito window from Start Recording Button and Download Center.
Chrome AddOn || User should be able to launch ChromeAddOn from Start Recording and Download Center when OpKey Web is open in Incognito Window.
Chrome AddOn | Live View || Any modification done on the recording grid should also be reflected on Live Recording View.
Chrome Extension | OpKey Smart Recorder Windiw || ObjectImage property with object’s image is not coming.
Chrome Extension | OpKey Smart Recorder Window || There should be a toggle switch to record Desktop as well as Web applications.
Data-set is displayed for session under business process detailed report which are not executed using LDR on session dashboard in accelerator platform.
Chrome Extension || Chrome AddOn should start in AddToOR when OpKey Web is open in Chrome.
Correct step level “ContinueOnError”, “WantSnapshot”, “IsNegative” selection is not getting displayed for selected business component in business component and business process in accelerator platform.
Unable to release lock of SSO users as projects are assigned through groups to the users and are not directly assigned from project management.
SAAS Impact Analysis || Oracle | Salesforce | Setting : User Enter ” NULL ” in Added team as System identifier , Environment Credentials get diapered and it save blank row of environment in Team and Environment in new snapshot get disable.

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