Working with Scheduler in Opkey

Opkey's Suite Scheduler efficiently manages Suite execution, distributing tests across multiple machines for faster execution. It's designed for scheduling Suite file runs. 


Creating & scheduling Jobs

With this feature, you can schedule your created Suites for its execution on a specific Date and Time.

Let us proceed to see how we can use the Scheduler.

Navigate to the Tools menu & click on Scheduler.

The Opkey Scheduler window will open as depicted below:


The highlighted column shows today's date (e.g., October 27, 2023). Dates and hourly intervals are displayed in a spreadsheet format, enabling scheduling of Suite execution by clicking on a specific cell. 

Click on the calendar cell of your choice. This action opens a pop-up window for scheduling the Suite. 

Select the Suite, fill in required fields like Session, Build, Execution Date, Time, Time Zone, Execution Agent, Generic Plugin, etc., and click "Schedule" to save the schedule.  

Ensure Opkey Hub and Execution Agent are online with the necessary settings at the scheduled Suite execution time. 

Once the Suite execution is successfully scheduled using the Scheduler, you'll find it marked on the calendar along with a confirmation message indicating, "Job scheduled successfully on the specified date and time." 

Navigate to view the Scheduled Sessions from the Tools Menu in the left panel.

On the pop-up window, you can view the scheduled session details.

Once the scheduled job starts its execution, you can find it in the Execution/Finished Sessions tab. 

Points to remember:

  • Without the required plugin on the configured Agent, the scheduled session is canceled. Opkey Hub will display a notification, and the session will be removed from the list.  

  • If no Opkey agent is selected when scheduling a Suite execution, the session will use any available agent with the proper configuration to execute as scheduled. 

  • You can schedule multiple concurrent sessions on an Opkey Agent with the required configuration. 

With this, you come to the end of the article and are now aware of scheduling your suite at a particular future date.

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