Different ways of creating Object Repository

Working with Object Repository 

The Object Repository stores web application objects for test execution. Before running the test, ensure all necessary objects are in the repository. 


There are two ways to create an Object Repository file: Creating an Object Repository manually and Fetching objects through Recording for creating an Object Repository. 


Let us see how we can create Object Repository manually 

After successfully logging into the Opkey select the appropriate Project in which you want to create an Object Repository File. 

You will be navigated to the screen as shown below: 


How to create an Object Repository File? 

Method 1 


"Click to Create New Artifact". Select Object Repository.  


A new Object Repository file will be created in the Root Folder of the Project Workspace.‍ 

Rename the Object Repository accordingly. 

Method 2 

Right-click on the Project Workspace folder and select Create New. Next, click on Object Repository to create a new Object Repository. 


Method 3 

Click on the dialer to create a new Object Repository 


A new Object Repository file gets created. Rename the file. 

On the pop-up enter details of OR name and click on OK. 


A new Repository file gets created. 


The Object Repository window will open up as shown: 

Select the page (HTML page, Frame or Page) of the web application from where objects are to be fetched along with the page area (Base, Button, Checkbox, etc.) corresponding to that page as shown below. 


The properties of added objects are shown in the right pane. You can add & delete the object(s) as well. The IsUsed checkbox is used to consider or skip that respective object property during execution.  


Any enterprise application would have dynamic controls. Hence, we have built the IntelliChoose™ feature– A smart object recognition technology. With IntelliChoose, along with object properties, we also capture surrounding objects to enable visual identification of dynamic elements. This makes automated tests much more robust and reliable. 

The Intellichoose (middle pane) is used to automatically consider all the object properties during execution whether they are checked or unchecked. 

IsRegex stands for Regular expression which is used to handle dynamic changes made to the object.  

You can rename, delete, copy-paste objects by right-clicking on the particular object. 



Creating Object Repository Files through recording 

Create a test case on the Project Workspace and select the recorder. 


Choose Web Recorder from the available options. 


A pop-up window opens. 


Select the default Object Repository from the options and click on Start recording. 


After you perform the steps on the application, the Object Repository gets created and

the recorded objects get collected in that Object repository.  


You get the option of mapping the objects to the object data as desired.

You now learned how to create an Object Repository through different ways.

Simply your testing journey with Opkey. Read more related articles Here

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