Installing Required Components

Once you have your Opkey domain URL and credentials, verify the email received for your new Opkey account and log in. (Supported browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

Once logged in you will land on the Opkey Launchpad. From here click on the 'Continuous Test Automation' portal.

You'll be landing on the Opkey Project Workspace, from where you can begin your testing journey.

Pre-requisites: To create your first test case you would need :

  1. Chrome extension recorder to record test steps.

  2. Execution agent to execute the test cases.

  3. Pre-built test case accelerator plugin for any specific ERP 
  4. Lastly, update your license.

Required privileges for installation:

  1. Make sure you have the admin privileges for the installations

  2. Access to the Browser web store to enable the Opkey recorder extension for recording test cases

Given below are the installation guides and a demo video to install the Opkey agent and Browser extension:

Opkey Agent Installation Guide

Opkey execution agent is a functional test execution engine that provides a GUI-based execution environment on the web. 

Opkey Chrome Browser Extension Installation  

Chrome extension is designed specifically for recording flows from popular web applications like Salesforce, Workday, and other ERPs.

Opkey Accelerator Plugin Installation 

Opkey Plugins are pre-built test accelerators designed for various ERP applications including Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and more. 

Update Plugin Licenses

Update your license keys to use all your subscribed Opkey features.

Opkey Hub Installation (Required for scheduling test suites via Opkey)

Opkey Hub is a utility that enables you to execute multiple test suites in parallel, leveraging the robust capabilities of the Opkey Execution Agent. 

Opkey Smart Recorder Installation (Required for desktop-based application)

The Smart Recorder is designed specifically for recording flows from popular desktop-based applications and on browsers like Firefox and IE.

Please ensure you have the required Java version available on the machine to use Smart Recorder.

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