Downloading and Installing OCC on Windows machine

Opkey Client Component is a unified installer that comprises Opkey Smart Recorder, Opkey Agent, MBT Utility, and Opkey Hub. 

During the installation process, these components are installed sequentially. After completing the installation, all the installed components are activated in order. This significantly reducing the time and effort required for installation. 


To obtain OCC, click the Download Center on Opkey Web, as illustrated below: 



The Opkey Client Component Information window opens, displaying crucial details about the component, including the Agent Authentication Code and the download link. 

The Agent Authentication Code is necessary for Opkey Agent installation. Click the "Download OCC" link to install the Opkey Client Component. 




After downloading the Opkey Client Component setup file, proceed to install it on your Windows machine. 


The installation process of OCC begins. Click Next. 



Agree to the End User License Agreement by checking the "I accept Terms and Conditions" checkbox, then click "Next" to proceed. 



Customize the installation of OCC package components as needed. A full installation includes all components (Smart Recorder, Opkey Agent, MBT Utility, and Hub). 


Select Custom Installation to customize OCC components installation. 



Opting for the Custom Installation option will lead to the next screen displaying the list of OCC components. 


You can select/skip the installation of the desired component(s). 


Installation of Opkey Smart Recorder 


Proceed with the Full installation of the Opkey Client Component. The installation of the Opkey Smart Recorder begins at this stage. 


Click Next to continue. 



Accept the license agreement. Check I accept the terms of this license agreement. Click Next to continue. 




View the installation path. Click Next to continue. 




Click Yes on the popup message shown below. Click Next to continue. 



The installation process continues. 




Click Next to continue. 




The Default Port number is shown here. Click Next to continue. 



Click Next to continue. 




Click Done to finish the installation of Opkey Smart Recorder. 



Opkey Smart Recorder has been installed successfully. 


‍‍Installation of Opkey Execution Agent 


After completing the installation of the Opkey Smart Recorder, the next OCC component is Opkey Agent, and its installation process follows. 


Click Next to continue. 




Accept the license agreement and click Next to continue. 




From here, you can select Full & Custom Installation Agent. 




Click Next to continue. 




At this point, customize the usage of the installed Agent on the machine. Choose between All Users of this computer or Just me. Additionally, you can opt to Create Installation Logs for generating installation logs. 

Click Next to continue. 




Choose the mode of the installed Agent. For Opkey Web, select Web Mode and enter the Agent Authentication Code. 

Alternatively, you can proceed without entering the Agent Authentication Code by checking "Continue without authentication code" and then clicking "Next." 




If the Agent Authentication code is not provided, you must manually configure Agent Settings. A popup message will appear confirming this. Click "Yes" to proceed. Once the agent installation is complete, click "Finish."  



Opkey Execution Agent is now installed successfully.  


Installation of Opkey Hub 


Once the installation of Opkey Agent is finished, the installation of Opkey Hub begins. 




Click Next to Continue. 




Accept the terms of the License Agreement. Click Next to Continue. 




Click Next to Continue. 



At this stage, customize the usage of the installed Opkey Hub on the machine by choosing between All Users of this computer or Just me. 


You also have the option to generate installation logs by selecting "Create Installation Logs." Click "Next" to proceed. 




Click Next to continue. 




The installation process continues. 




The installation process of Opkey Hub is completed. Click Finish. 



Opkey Hub is now successfully completed. 


Installation of Opkey MBT Utility 


Once, the installation of Opkey Agent is finished, the installation of Opkey MBT Utility begins. 




The installation process of Opkey MBT utility begins. 





Opkey MBT Utility has been installed successfully. 




Here, you can review the list of all successfully installed components of Opkey Client Component. Click "Finish" to complete the process. 




The components are now successfully installed. 

To learn about more Opkey features, click Here. 



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