Export and Import of artifacts in different or same domain - New UI

Opkey provides export and import functionality for seamless sharing of resources among users on different domains. It helps save time and enhance efficiency, reusability, and collaboration among teams.  

Let's understand this with the help of a scenario. 

Opkey's export/import feature is essential for reusing test cases across different projects or environments. They can select specific test cases or libraries for reuse, export them, and seamlessly import them into another project or environment within Opkey. 

Once logged in to the desired project navigate to the Automate section and choose the specific test case you intend to export.  


Click on the Export icon to initiate the export of the selected artifact.


After the successful export, a pop-up message will be displayed. Click on Close.


The exported artifact gets downloaded on the local machine. 

Sign in to an alternate Opkey domain or choose a different project within the same domain where you wish to import the file. 

Click on the Import icon to import the artifact. 


Click OK to proceed with the required action. 


The files get successfully imported. On the pop-up message displayed, click on Close. 


Search for the artifact post-import. It can be viewed at the desired location. 

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