Pre-built test accelerators for ERPs - New UI

Generating end to end test cases for ERP workflows typically demands a significant amount of time and resources. Consider having readily available test cases customized for evaluating your workflows, such as Oracle's Procurement workflow. 

Opkey's test accelerators offer 30,000+ pre-built test cases and artifacts for ERPs like Oracle Cloud ERP, Coupa, Salesforce, SAP, etc. Quickly integrate these resources into your ERP projects, saving significant time in test case creation.  

Let's see how to access these pre-built libraries in Opkey 

Login to your Opkey domain and navigate to the Automate section.  

Upon purchasing an ERP accelerator in Opkey access these customized resources in the Test section of Automate

On the left, you can explore your licenced pre-built libraries for a given ERP. 


In Oracle Fusion, pre-built test cases are available for different workflows across various business processes like Procure to Pay, Account Payables, Inventory to Cost, and more. These are organized based on sub-modules and corresponding business processes for easy navigation and access. 

Let's open and explore one of these test cases.  

This is a test case for the Procure to Pay workflow in Oracle Fusion.


All the steps related to this workflow can be seen.


These test cases consist of reusable components, offering you the flexibility to customize them with your datasets

You can either modify steps to match your organization's unique approval chain within the Procurement workflow or insert custom data into a test step to simulate various purchase order scenarios. One can make use of recorders and keywords to enhance and modify these pre-built test cases.

Opkey provides data repositories to facilitate the inclusion of data in test cases. These repositories enable the storage of input data sourced from a variety of channels, including databases, CSV files, Excel sheets, and others. 

You can import an available dataset from an Excel file into Opkey, or create a new dataset directly within Opkey for use in your test cases.

Opkey offers two types of repositories:

Local Data Repositories (LDR)

Global Data Repositories (GDR) 

You can iterate your pre-built test cases with the help of these datasets effortlessly.

You're at the end of the article. 

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