Menu Options of Opkey Execution Agent:

The Opkey execution agent helps run the execution of Opkey test cases. It is a stand-alone installer available to download under the Tools menu option.

Let's explore the available tab options.

FileFile menu contains two options: Relaunch & Exit.

Relaunch is used to launch Execution Agent to apply any newly made changes whereas Exit is used to close the Execution Agent.

Tools: The Tools menu contains Agent Log, Plugin Settings, Grid Browser Settings, Plugin Manager, Mobile Settings, and Proxy Settings.

The Agent Log option shows execution logs.

The Plugin Settings option displays a list of all Opkey Plugins along with descriptions and settings.

Plugin Settings help you to execute Plugin-specific Test by using the respective plugin drivers.

To execute your test on Internet Explorer using Opkey IE Plugin, locate the Chrome Driver for your specific version of Internet Explorer on your execution agent and set its path.

To do so, go to the Plugin Settings tab. Under the Value column, set the path of IEDriverPath. 

Grid Browser Setting lets you perform settings for grid executions of test suites.

Plugin Manager lets you uninstall the selected plugin.

The Mobile Settings option lets you add devices to perform tests. 

Proxy Setting

Mobile Tab tab: The Mobile tab displays device information like OS, Device Name, Serial Number, Manufacturer, Build Model, Version, IP Address, Duration, and Status. It also provides Device Logs for troubleshooting. 

Help tab: The help menu includes two options: Go To Help and About Opkey Agent.

Click on Go To Help or press the F1 key to go to the Help portal of Opkey.

Click on About Opkey Agent to view its version and check for available updates as well.

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