Installing Opkey Smart Recorder

Opkey Smart Recorder is a tool for automating tests . It captures and records the user's actions and enables the creation of Test Case(s) or function libraries from popular desktop-based applications like EBS and on browsers like Firefox.

Please ensure you Install Java 8 or above before working with Opkey's Smart Recorder. Once Java is installed follow the step-by-step process to install Opkey Smart Recorder.

1. Login to Opkey Workspace and navigate to the Download Center button as shown below.

2. Enter the Download Center and click on Smart Recorder under the Plugins and Recorder section as shown below to download the Smart Recorder setup file:


3. Once, the setup file is downloaded, you can initiate the installation. The installation process begins as follows.


4. Select the radio button to accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next to continue.



5. A window opens defining the path for the target directory. Click YES and then click Next.




6. Click Next to continue.


7. Click Next to continue.


8. Click Next to continue.



8. Click Next to continue.


9. Click Done to finish the installation.


10. Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Opkey Smart Recorder on your system. 

11. After installation, you can see a shortcut file icon Opkey Smart Recorder on your desktop.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

12. You can double-click on this icon to launch the recorder. It will open on the command prompt. Minimize it, and click on the Record button to begin your recording session.


  • If you have not launched Opkey Smart Recorder before starting the recording session, then you need to keep the downloaded JNLP file and launch it to start Opkey Smart Recorder.

3.1.1 Installing Opkey Certificate on Mozilla Firefox:

To work with Opkey Web and Smart Recorder on the Mozilla Firefox web browser, you need to install the Opkey certificate on Mozilla Firefox as described below:

1. Go to the Settings menu of Mozilla Firefox.   


2. Click on Privacy & Security and Click on View Certificate   



3. Click on the Authorities tab > Click on Import‍ 



4. Now, you have to import the Opkey certificate located on your local drive: C:\Users\User_Name\OpkeySmartRecorder\certgen\X509CA\ca

5. Browse to the above path of your local drive, select Opkey, and click on Open. Once, it gets installed on your system successfully, you can view it as shown below:     


NoteWithout installing the Opkey certificate on Mozilla Firefox, you cannot start the recording process. As the Smart Recorder will continuously search for the certificate, preventing further progress.

3.1.2 Using Smart Recorder for Recording on Safari

This will help initiate the recording process on any web browser (Safari, Chrome, or Firefox) using Mac.

1. Click on the Wi-Fi icon and then click Open Network Preference.


2. Now, on the Network page, click Advanced


3. Check Web Proxy (HTTP) & Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS) checkboxes. Enter Secure Web Proxy Server as and Port number as 9999 for both HTTP & HTTPS. Click OK.


4. Now, click on Apply to save and apply the changed settings.



You are now ready to start the test recording process on your Mac. Once the recording is finished, feel free to modify the settings mentioned earlier as per your needs.

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