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Salesforce keywords are commands used by Opkey to interact with various elements like buttons, input fields, and content verification on the Salesforce application.

Let's understand this with an example.



This keyword checks whether a specified account record exists or not in the Salesforce Application based on the Data Input Arguments provided.

Add a new step in your test case by clicking the Add Step icon at the top. Search this keyword and click on the search result to add it to the new test step.

Click the Step input data icon of the step to open the input data window for the keyword.

Add the input data related to the keyword.

These values are filled as per the keyword requirement used in the test case as shown in the image below. We have given similar tables for each keyword for illustration.  

Input Arguments

Object Input






This keyword doesn’t take any object input argument.


Data Input Arguments



Account Name


Provide the Account Name of the record whose Existence has to be verified.



Provide the Phone of the record whose Existence has to be verified.




Provide the BillingState/Province of the record which has to be verified.



Provide the column name by which the record can be verified.



Provide the Value corresponding to the Identifier provided.

Note: You can provide maximum 2 Identifiers and corresponding value. This Keyword is implemented both in Lightning and Classic mode.



If the account Exists If the keyword passes successfully


If the keyword fails

Common Error conditions


Error Message

Debug Information

When Account Name Data Input arguments is blank.

Argument Data Missing (-13200)


A step could not be executed because one or more of the arguments have not been provided a value. Of all the arguments a keyword accepts, some arguments might be compulsory. As opposed to the non-compulsory ones, the compulsory argument must be provided some data. The data may be provided through one of many sources like statically entering, output of a previous step, a global variable etc; but it must not be left blank.

Argument(s) : (Account Name) is blank.

When the keyword is launched without using Open browser keyword.

Insufficient Privileges (-14100) 


The system does not have sufficient privileges to carry out a particular task. This mostly happens when the currently logged-in user at the execution site does not have permission to access a particular resource. The protected resource may be a network share, folder or a drive. User may contact the system administrator to sort out the issue.

Either Browser was never Opened  or all SalesForce instances were closed

Please go through the list of keywords by clicking here.

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