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Control flow keywords act as special commands, guiding the flow of actions in automation scripts. They function like instructions for a robot, allowing it to make decisions or repeat tasks based on specified conditions.

Let's understand this with an example:

1. Comment Keyword

The "Comment" keyword allows users to add user-defined notes for test flows and scenarios, providing additional information for testers or users. 

Go to your test case and click on the '+' button to add the Control Flow Construct Keyword. Select Comment under Control Flow Construct Keyword.

Input Arguments

Object Input Arguments





This keyword doesn’t take any object input argument.

Data Input Arguments  





This keyword doesn’t take any data input argument.


If you've created a test flow for the login process and want to explain the scenario with a #comment, use the Comment keyword as shown in the image below.

Common Error conditions

There are no error conditions for this keyword.

Please go through the list of Control Flow Construct Keywords by clicking here

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