Using OracleFusion Keywords - Opkey New UI

Opkey's Oracle Fusion keywords are commands to facilitate the automation of Oracle Fusion application testing scenarios. 

Let's understand this with an example of using the OracleFusion_SelectRadioButton. 


This keyword selects a radio button in the Oracle Fusion application. 

This keyword accepts both the Radio Button object and Data Input Argument as input parameters

For example, to select a radio button on the application use the following steps:-

Add a new step in your test case by clicking the Add Step button at the top panel. Click on the search to search for the keyword and add it to the test case.

Next, click on the three dots respective to the step and select Edit input data to enter the object and data input.

On the next window, click on the arrow to Edit the Test Object.

Now add an Object input argument.

These values are filled as per the requirement of the keyword used in the test case. 

We have given similar tables for each keyword for illustration.

Test Object 

Test Object Required?



This keyword requires an Object input argument.

Input Data

 Input Data Required?



This keyword requires an Input data argument.


Output Data


Output value

If the keyword passes successfully


if there is an error


Common Error conditions


Error Message

Debug Information

No object given

No Object found

Please go through the List of OracleFusion keywords.

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