Multi-Browser Testing (New UI)

Cross-browser testing is essential to ensure web applications function correctly across a variety of web browsers, operating systems, and devices. OpKey streamlines this process by providing the option to utilize Cloud Run for executing test cases on different browsers, making it more efficient and convenient for users.

Let's consider a scenario where a tester wants to run a test case across different browsers to validate the compatibility of the application across all browsers.

Let's see how he can achieve this in practice:-

1. Open the existing test case.

2. Click Run and choose Run on Browser to execute the test case on browsers.

3. Click Cloud Run to execute the test case on different browsers at the same time and click Next to proceed.

3. Select the browsers on which you want to test the compatibility of the application and click on the Start Run button to execute the test case.

4. Your test case will be picked up as soon as the select browsers become available. You can click on the queued runs tool to view the test cases in the waiting list.

5. You can view the list of queued runs.

Scheduling your multi-browser testing to run at a specific date and time

You can also schedule your test case to run on different browsers at a pre-defined date and time by using the Schedule RUN feature.

1. Click >Run>Run on Browser>Cloud Run>Next to proceed.

2. Select the different browsers on which you want you run the test case.

3. Click on the Schedule Run drop-down.

4. Tick the chekbox to enable editing.

5. Set the date, time and the time zone. Finally,click on the Schedule Run button.

5. Your test case is successfully scheduled to be run on the specified date and time.You can view your test case under the scheulded run tool.

5. You can also re-schedule your multi-browser test run by clicking on the edit icon.

5. You can modify the date, time, or time zone and click on the update button to re-schedule your multi-browser testing.

Now you have successfully learned how to use the Cloud Run for multi-browser testing.

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