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To use keywords, include them in a test step and provide input and expected output data. 

For instance, consider using the Image_PasteTextOnEditBox keyword


This keyword will copy the text from the clipboard and paste it on an EditBox object. It takes an EditBox object as an Object input argument. This keyword is mostly used in situations where you want to copy any text from the clipboard and paste it into the Edit Box.

Note: The Visual-Specific keywords work on the image and tolerance property of the object and are used for image-based testing.

Let's follow the steps to add this keyword.

1. Add a new step in your test case by clicking the Add Step icon at the top panel. It can also be added with the '+' button. Search PasteTextOnEditBox and click on the search result to add it to the new test step.

2. Click on the Set data icon, respective to the keyword.

Click on the Dynamic object arrow key.

Now add an Object Input Argument. Here we will add an Edit Box object as an Object input argument. 

3. Now add input argument as Match Score which will allow you to add your custom match score to pass or fail the Keyword while executing the run. The script will run unaltered if no Match Score is provided as the Input Value. The rest keywords will run as usual.

These values are filled as per the requirement of the keyword used in the test case as shown in the image below. We have given similar tables for each keyword for illustration. 

In this Keyword, adding a Test Object argument was required. Hence, we have mentioned it is required.

Test Object

Test Object Required



This Keyword takes the EditBox object as an Object input argument. You can choose the EditBox object from your Object Repository on which you want to Paste Text from Clipboard.

Input Data

Input Data Required?



This keyword doesn’t take any data input argument.

Output Data



                  Output Value

If the keyword passes successfully


If keyword fails




Opkey Admin



< Choose the Edit Box Object From OR >

Fetch the Edit Box Object “Username” and then capture its image by clicking on the icon. Save the Image property of the object and set its Tolerance Property. Check the Is Used checkbox only for Image and Tolerance properties.

Please go through the list of list of Visual Plugin keywords.

List of Opkey Keywords - Visual Plugin keywords  

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