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How to use Keywords? 

To use keywords, include them in a test step and provide input and expected output data. To capture dynamic objects, add their properties in the test object column. For instance, consider using the Excel_VerifyCellValue keyword. 


This keyword checks the content within a specified cell of an Excel file. It's commonly used when verifying the value in a particular cell is correct. 


It takes ExcelReference, SheetName, Row, Column, and Expected Value as references for input and shares the stored value. 


For example, to verify the content inside an Excel file, we can use the following steps:- 


1. Add a new step in your test case by clicking the + icon at the top. Search for the keyword Excel_VerifyCellValue and click on the search result to add it to the new test step.


2. Click the three dots icon to open the input data window for the keyword.



3. Add the input data related to the Excel file as shown below.  


These values are filled as per the keyword requirement used in the test case.

In this keyword, there was no requirement to add a Test Object's properties, hence, we have mentioned it is not required.

Input Data


 Input Data Required 




 Specify the Reference Name of the Excel file that is used with the Excel_Open keyword.  


Specify the Name of the Sheet  


 Specify the Row Number of the cell whose value has to be fetched. 


 Specify the Column Number of the cell whose value has to be fetched. 

Expected Value 

Specify the Expected Value of the cell 


Output Data


Output value 

If the keyword passes successfully 


if there is an error 




Common Error conditions 


Error Message 

Debug Information 

If the data Input Arguments are not provided   

Argument Data Missing (-13200)  


A step can't proceed without values for mandatory arguments. Unlike optional ones, compulsory arguments must be filled with data, which can come from a static entry, a previous step's output, or a global variable. Leaving them empty is not allowed.  

Argument(s) : (Column) is/are blank. 

If an incorrect Expected Value is provided 

Expected Value: Blue 

Verification Failed (-16100)  


The required value was not found on the currently active page or view. 

Original Value    

Expected Value :  


Please go through the list of Excel Keywords by clicking the links given below. 

List of Keywords - Excel Keywords

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