Updating Chrome Driver

To run your test executions in Opkey, keep your Execution Agent online. For executions to run uninterrupted, ensure the Chrome Driver is updated on your agent and the system.  

Follow the steps below to update your execution agent with the latest Chrome Driver. 

Install the latest Chrome Driver from Here. 

Go to your Opkey Execution Agent and click on the Plugin Settings under the Tools menu. 


Go to the Web Version and scroll down to look for the Chrome Driver path. 


Click on the blank space and upload the latest downloaded Chrome Driver. Make sure the downloaded file is in .exe format. 


Click on the Save All button.  


The updates get saved and a message is displayed. 


You also need to update the driver on your local system. Go to Drivers in Agent Data and add the downloaded Chrome Driver. 


You can view the driver version by clicking the exe file. 


Following the above steps will make sure you have an updated Chrome driver to execute your test cases smoothly. 


To learn about more Opkey features click Here.








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