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Opkey's ConfigOps platform automates the entire DevOps lifecycle from configurations to deployment, saving time and ensuring smooth Oracle Fusion implementation and maintenance.

Opkey’s Config Ops is divided into five sections. The second section is Pipeline. This lets you create workflows to execute the tasks in the pipeline sequentially. 

For example, you created new tasks for configurations such as do configurations, compare configurations, export configurations, approve, and run. Add these tasks in the created pipeline sequentially. Every added task gets executed one after another.

This is the dashboard of Config Ops Pipeline. Create a new pipeline with the ‘+ Pipeline’ button present on the left. Next to the Add Pipeline button, is the option to delete and rename the created pipeline.

Find the option for ‘Assignee’ which allows you to apply filters to the pipeline based on who they are assigned to.

The view column option allows you to view tasks as per creation, and modification date. 

Let us now see how we can create a pipeline in Config Ops.

  1. Click Config Ops on the left panel and select Pipeline.

  1. Select the ‘+ Pipeline’ button to create a new pipeline.

  1. On the new window, click on the + button inside the box to add first the stages and then the tasks to be executed.

  1. The added workflow will look like this as shown in the image below.

  1. Save the workflow once created. You can execute tasks immediately upon creation or schedule them for later using the Schedule button.

  1. To schedule the workflow, click on the Schedule button and enter the details of Name, Date, Time, and Time Zone. It will be executed on the scheduled day and time.

The pipeline gets scheduled and executed as per the scheduled time. 

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