Task Management in My Space

The My Space section is a centralized hub to oversee and manage all allocated tasks, tickets, test cases, and other project artifacts. 

We have learned about the Filters feature in the Understanding Filters in My Space article. Let's enhance our understanding further by looking into other task management features of My Space. 

Assigned to Me: 

This section emphasizes personalized task management. You can focus exclusively on tasks, tickets, user stories, and test cases assigned to you. 

Moreover, you can create custom filters by adding a filter name and clicking Save. This feature allows you to quickly access your data without the need to reapply multiple filters every time. 

You can also customize the view of the task list by clicking on the View Column icon in the top right corner. 

Reported by Me: 

In this section, you can gain insights into the status and details of all the tickets, user stories, tasks, and test cases reported by you. Thus, it offers a valuable overview of your contributions to the project and allows you to monitor the progress of the issues you've raised.

Runs Assigned to Me: 

If you are a user engaged in test automation, you can effortlessly view and track the status of all the Test Runs assigned to you. This streamlined approach to managing test runs ensures you are always up-to-date with the progress of your automated tests.

You can also start a manual or automated test run in this section.


Finally, Opkey recognizes the importance of staying informed in a collaborative development environment. The Notifications section consolidates all the notifications related to task creation, updates, and assignments. 

You can also receive notifications of other activities tied to tasks, tickets, and user stories where you are the creator, assignee, or reporter. This ensures that you are always in the loop and can respond promptly to any developments in your projects.

Click Introduction to My Space, to get a complete overview of this section. 

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