Configure SMTP to send your test execution reports

Let us see how to configure the required settings in SMTP Setting correctly.

Go to the Tools menu, click on it & select SMTP Settings from the dropdown.

SMTP Settings window opens as follows:

SMTP Server:

Email Address: enter desired email address

Port Number: 25

Enable SSL: Mark the checkbox as checked

Required Authentication: Mark the checkbox as checked. This checkbox must be marked as checked as authentication is required necessarily. Make sure that you have enabled 2-step verification enabled on your primary Gmail account.

Step 1

While providing your email id in the Required Authentication field, you should ensure that you have 2-step verification enabled on your primary Gmail account.

Note: If you don’t do this, you will get an invalid password error when trying to authenticate your email address. So, you first need to enable 2-step verification.

How to enable 2-step verification in your Gmail Account?

Login to your Gmail account & open the mailbox.

Click on the Google Apps icon and then click on the Account icon as shown below:

Google Account window opens.

Click on Sign-in & security.

& security window opens.

Here, you can see 2-Step Verification which is in Off mode.

2-Step Verification window opens.

Click on the Get a Started link.

You are redirected to the login page. Enter the valid password & click on Next.

You come to the page from where you have to set up your phone.

Select your country, enter your mobile number, choose the radio button from a Text message or Phone call & click on Next. (Here, we have chosen Text message option.)

Enter the code you received on your phone.

Click on Next.

The entered code has been verified successfully & your Google account is ready for 2-step verification.

If you want to Turn Off 2-step verification, you can turn it off from here.

You will receive an email from Google regarding the 2-step verification turn-off.

Step 2

Next, you will need to generate an App password. You then use the app password in place of your personal Gmail password further.

Navigate to the Signing into Google page & click on App Passwords (which is enabled after turning on 2-step verification)

Sign in with your valid password & click Next.

App Password window opens. Click on Select app & select the Other (Custom name) option from the dropdown. When creating the app password simply choose “Other” and give it a name (for example: my 2nd business email).

From here, you can enter the name of any app.

Now, you can enter these credentials into the SMTP Settings in Opkey.

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