Enhancing Automation Testing using Reusability Framework

Reusable components lets you achieve automation goals in less than usual time. They are designed to be used in different test cases to avoid creation of steps that are frequently needed. It is as simple as using a library of data to be used by any user as and when required. You just need to call the step in the test case and the work is done for you.

This library is called Reusable Component in Opkey. 

Benefits of using Reusable Component in test automation 

1. Lowers test maintenance burden

As Reusable Components lets you avoid creating repeated steps all over again, it helps lower the size of your project, thereby reducing its maintenance burden. All you have to do is call the required reusable component to the test case and a slight change in the input data should do the work for you.

So whether you are adding a Reusable component in a new test case or executing the already created ones, your executions will be conducted smoothly without any error. 

2. Increase operational efficiency

For the already created reusable components which can be used all over again in different test cases, you save time and get your executions done in a short span of time. 

3. Hides complexity

Users create reusable components to be added to the workflows to be automated. It helps add simplicity to the behavior of the tests and let you proceed recording of other necessary steps. 

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