Mapping the test step with Object Using Object Input Argument

Once you have added the Test Steps in a Business Component

You can map the selected Test Step with an object from the object repository file as per your Test scenario.

To do so, Select any Test Step from the Business Component Structure and Click on the Object Input Argument tab.

*The Object Input Argument tab will only get enabled when you have selected the Test Step.

Once the Object Input Argument Tab is being clicked, an Object Input Argument window will get opened at the right-hand corner of the screen.

This window has an Object Repository Section at the bottom of the screen.

If you wish to select the Object from the Object Repository, then expand the Tree structure until the Object Repositories are displayed. You can select the object that has to be associated/mapped with that Test Step.

The selected Object will get added to the above grid.

If you wish to select the Object from the Object Output, then click on the Object Output icon.

An Object Output window will get open at the bottom of the screen where you can view the Output variable name with its Description. You can select the Output variable name that has to be associated/mapped with that Test Step.

You can store the output of a Test Step as an Output variable and then use it as input for the other Test Step.

To know more Read: Parameterizing the Business Component using Data Input Arguments.

Similarly, you can select the Dynamic Object icon and provide a dynamic Object as an Input parameter.

In case the selected Test Step does not require an object to be associated then the “Test Object” will remain disabled.

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