Configuring SMTP Settings in Opkey

SMTP Settings is an additional feature in Opkey that enables you to send your execution result to someone via email by applying SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Settings.

With the SMTP feature, you can effortlessly share crucial test execution results with relevant stakeholders. This feature is particularly valuable in scenarios where timely dissemination of test outcomes to team members, managers, or clients is paramount.

For example, consider a software development team working on an e-commerce website. After a round of regression testing, they can utilize Opkey's SMTP settings to automatically send detailed test reports, performance metrics, and error logs, to their QA manager and project stakeholders.

SMTP Settings in Opkey streamlines communication and enhances collaboration in the testing and development process.

Let's understand how to apply SMTP Settings in Opkey.

 1. Click the Tools icon at the top-right corner.

2. Select Configure SMTP Settings from the Tools Menu.

3. SMTP Settings page opens. Fill in the necessary details such as SMTP server, Email Address, Port Number, etc. in the required fields and click Save. A Test Mail will be sent to the added email ID.

4. If you want to add multiple email IDs, scroll down the SMTP settings window and add them (separated by a comma) in the Send Mail To text area as shown below. Once done, click the Save button.

4. If in case you have not configured SMTP Settings from the Tools menu, you can also apply SMTP Settings from the Test Run Wizard. Open the Advanced Settings option on the Run Wizard and click the SMTP Settings button on the right to open the SMTP Settings window.

5. To configure settings on your Gmail, click on your profile at the top right corner and click on ‘Manage your Google account.

6. On the page that opens, click on the ‘Security’ tab on the left ribbon. 

7. In the next window, scroll down a bit and switch on the button for ‘Less secure app access’.

8. Turn on the toggle button.

9. Now back on the SMTP settings window, click on the Send test mail option.

10. You’ll receive a test mail on your email account.

11. Before running an execution if the SMTP setting is enabled, the execution report will be sent right away to the inbox after the test is executed. So, along with downloading the execution report from the Opkey portal, you can also view it in your email. 

You've reached the end of this article and are now well-prepared to configure SMTP settings for your Opkey account. 

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Explore, experiment, and achieve your testing goals on Opkey!

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