Working with Workday Recorder

Workday Specific Recorder is mainly designed to record the Test Step(s) for Test Case(s) or Reusable Components of the Workday Application. Once you have recorded a Test Script, it can be “called and used” multiple times in a Business Component and further in Business Processes for Workday Test Accelerator.

It is now implemented in Opkey One for the purpose of automating the Workday application.

Objects Recorded through normal mode are very different from Objects recorded through Workday Recording mode in Opkey one as it fetches a few exceptional properties in order to handle the dynamic nature of objects existing in the Workday application. 

Need of Workday Recorder

Workday Application is an on‑demand (cloud-basedfinancial management and human capital management software having extraordinary features that allow its Objects to change their properties at run time. Since there exist dynamic Objects in the Workday Application, hence it becomes difficult to automate it.

If Recording is performed in the normal mode for the Workday Application then the Opkey web recorder is unable to search objects when the Test step(s) are being executed. This happens because the Id of Objects has dynamic behavior and changes during run time.

Now, you may think of using Salesforce recording mode for capturing dynamic Objects but this trick will not work here. The reason is that the Workday application has different controls like lov (List of values) as compared to that of the Salesforce recorder.

Here, arises the need for a Workday recorder

Although, there are few static objects existing in the Workday application like labels.

Thus, when recording is performed through the Workday recorder, it fetches the above-listed exceptional properties [with respect to the static Objects] and handles the dynamic behavior of Workday objects internally.

Working with Workday Recorder in Opkey One: 

Navigate to the New Test section and create a new test case

Select Workday Recorder to perform recording on a workday application.

The Opkey AddOn window will get open along with another window to display the Flow of Live Recording.

The Workday recorder window will get opened.

The first mode is the Record mode in which you to perform and record all the actions on a  Workday application.

Perform the desired actions. All the actions will get recorded.

Click on Stop and Save.

Executing the Recorded Steps

To execute the recorded steps. Click on Run 

The execution wizard window will get opened. Select a Local agent and set the Generic plugin as Workday.

Click on Start Run. 

The Execution will begin. All the Test Steps will get executed one by one and the Execution logs will be generated.

The Execution Result shows that all the Test cases have been passed successfully.

Click on the View Result tab, to view the step-by-step results.

Your Workday test case is ready!

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