Opkey Test Discovery - An introduction

Opkey’s Test Discovery provides an automated approach to identifying testing scenarios not covered in your testing process. This assists in optimizing test coverage by creating test cases for identified workflows.

Test Discovery addresses the challenge of achieving comprehensive test coverage for ERP applications. In software testing, test coverage signifies the extent to which all aspects of an application or system are tested. Even a minor oversight in testing ERP workflows can lead to software failures, leading to financial losses. 

For example, consider the scenario where a crucial ERP workflow, such as order processing or inventory management, is inadequately tested. A flaw in these processes can lead to erroneous transactions and mismanagement of resources.

Opkey’s Test Discovery conducts a thorough analysis of your ERP test coverage. It mines your existing ERP testing process and compares it with Opkey's industry benchmark testing data library. After this, it provides a detailed report outlining your current test coverage and suggests test cases to achieve optimum test coverage.

Let's look into how you can access Test Discovery in Opkey and its various elements. 

1. Access your Opkey Launchpad page after logging into Opkey and click on the Launch Now button on Test Discovery.

2.  Select your assigned project to access the Test Discovery homepage. The home page shows various ERP applications supported by Opkey. 

3. The homepage also shows ERP with the number of instances added for them. Instances allow Test Discovery to access your ERP environment for analyzing your workflows and suggesting test cases for optimum test coverage based on that. You can read Adding a new ERP instance in Test Discovery to learn how to add your ERP instance.


4. To start analyzing your ERP instance, click the + button at the top-left and click Analyze Instance.

5. On the Analyze Instance pop-up window, you can select your ERP application, choose your ERP environment for analysis, and click the Next button.

To get a comprehensive picture of analyzing an ERP instance and how Opkey pinpoints your test coverage gaps, read Analyzing your ERP instance with Test Discovery.

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