Opkey Release 5.70

The following new features have been implemented in this release of Opkey Web:

Custom Keyword snapshot

Users can easily view multiple custom keyword snapshots in the Validation Report by clicking the respective keyword links. When using the local execution wizard, a one-level hierarchy allows viewing all custom keyword snapshots in the validation report. 

Random Password

When creating a new user, you can opt to generate a random login password, which expires after 7 days by default. Users have the choice to change their password to prevent expiration or modify the password expiration duration in their account settings. 

Keywords in reports

In the Local Execution Wizard, users can now choose the "Skip Keywords in reports" checkbox to exclude specific keywords from the Validation Report. Checking this box overrides the keyword hierarchy selection in the dropdown, ensuring that the selected keywords are not included in the report. 

Java 17 Support

Opkey Web now supports both Java 8 and Java 17. However, going forward, only Java 17 will be supported for the Coded Function Library. Opkey Web will maintain support for both Java 8 and Java 17 in all other features. Currently, OCC is only supported for Java 8, but Java 17 support for OCC will be included in our next release.


Skip the object images while exporting the file

You can expedite artifact exports by excluding any object images added during recording. The resulting exported file will not contain these images, leading to faster download. This functionality also applies when importing or replicating artifacts. 

To get into more detail about how these features can be utilised, you can visit https://university.opkeylms.com and enroll in our Opkey series course.

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